What’s Wrong With KJQ, Anyway?


Brothers and sisters, despair at the state of our popular culture—especially the mass media, and FM radio in particular.

There is perhaps no worse offender than the valley’s “alternative rock” station, KJQ. While its officials would have you believe differently, most of KJQ’s playlist could quite nicely fit in any modern-day discotheque. As for the remainder of its playlist, let’s face it—the only Golden Palominos songs you’re likely to hear on KJQ are the one Michael Stipe sings on, and the only times you’ll ever hear the Warlock Pinchers are either in the wee hours on the station abominable “Loud show.”

Though it would be easy to say that the station doesn’t play good, new, underground music because its program directors don’t like good music (how shall we say, the sounds of boring old shitty pope, from KJQ?), that’s not true—completely, anyway.

Much like our elected officials take bribes to make decisions that affect our lives and limbs, radio stations get kickbacks to play their shit into the ground. Face it, alternative tentacles and Cruz Records just don’t have money to spare. (One sniping swipe at KJQ, though, nice ignominious dismissal of Bob Bedore, guys!) This problem is true of all radio stations, especially the ones who claim they’re playing what’s “popular” with their fans (if popularity means anything, then George Bush could be the greatest president ever).

And lest you think community sponsored radio is the key, it’s not—52 different formats are just too many (plus….just…so…damned….boring). Instead, read a book, rent a video, get off your asses, etc.

Go get a great stereo and jam for Christ sake. And if you don’t know what’s good, ask your near by alternative rock record store clerk for suggestions. Don’t let mainstream radio take your taste away!

P.S. This month’s tirade was prompted by the failure of my car’s tape player. Contributions would be greatly appreciated. 


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