Written In Blood… Hard Music for a Hard World


It seems more shows were canceled for the month of July than are actually taking place. The biggest news is that Noize Fest ‘95 won’t be coming to Salt Lake. Apparently some of the bands have crapped out and the tour ended. Don’t miss the band Coalesce, playing at DV8 on July 5. Coalesce was recently signed to Earache records. The band is currently on tour in support of their soon to be released CD. I’ve been told Coalesce is ultra extreme hardcore, and really something to experience live. On July 23, The Organization and Bad Seed will be appearing at Star Studios. I’m sure by now I don’t have to tell you The Organization used to be the young metal prodigies known as Death Angel. When Death Angel’s first release, THE ULTRA VIOLENCE came out in the 1980’s, no one in the band was older than 16. I think the drummer was even 12. On August 2, Malevolent Creation will be returning to Salt Lake to play at Star Studios. Remember, if you don’t go to these shows they will stop. Support the scene. 


Candlelight Records

Here’s another gem for all you black metal enthusiasts. I’m talking about IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE, the first full length release by the band Emperor. Don’t worry, I bowed when I said that. The band is quite similar to the band Darkthrone, which appeared in last month’s issue. Emperor, like Darkthrone, is from Norway. Another similarity is the way crime has riddled the very fabric that makes up each band. Three-fourths of the members of Emperor are up on charges ranging from murder to assault to arson. Actually, I think they have Darkthrone beat. As a black metal band, Emperor has it all. The band comes equipped with members named Ihsahn, Samoth, Tehort and Faust. What do you think their mothers were thinking? The band even use words like thou, hath, and nor. So get off of thou ass and goeth downeth to your CD store and geteth Emperor, IN THE NIGHTSIDE ECLIPSE. Oh, by the way, if Darkthrone’s number one fan has a problem with the information I’ve given to you on either band, don’t call us, call their publicist. Haven’t you ever heard of a bio sheet? At least have the decency and guts to write in so I can chew your ass for real. Man, you’re just jealous you’re not a count. 


Massacre Records 

It’s speedy, it’s grindcore… it’s speedcore! It’s also pretty damn intense. I’m talking about the new release by Experiment Fear, ASSUMING THE GODFORM. When I first received the CD I thought, “Damn, they look young.” These boys can’t be much more than a year or two out of high school. Then I read some of the lyrics and thought “huh, Deicide Jr..” The lyrics would definitely please the Devil himself, maybe not quite as much as the Deicide lyric sheet, but I think they have God-hating down. The production is nice and fat. It really sounds good. Overall, these guys sound really pissed off about something. I think we’ll be able to waive the anger modification training though, as long as they agree to keep taking it out on their instruments. 



Fear Factory are back three years after the release of their first full-length album. The latest creation is entitled DEMANUFACTURE. If you liked their first release, SOUL OF A NEW MACHINE, you’ll like this one even more. The songs are tighter and have more crunch than a box of cereal with a picture of the captain on the front of it. I talked to Dino Cazares, heavy duty scarifier or guitarist for the band, and he attributed it to having more experience in the studio. In the first eight days, DEMANUFACTURE sold 4,300 copies. If you go ahead and get this release now, you may not be the first kid on the block to have it, but at least you have one of the hottest new albums out. Fear Factory will be road testing this one with Korn and Megadeth. Unfortunately, since Megadeth already played Salt Lake, the tour probably won’t hit this town. Feel robbed?


Massacre Records 

The Boston-based band Fleshold have recently released their debut album PATHETIC. Formed in 1990, Fleshold (Insert bio information here). PATHETIC is pretty much a winner right from the start. The cover depicts a person sitting in a chair, wrapped up in cellophane and barbed wire. I don’t know about you, but that’s how I usually opt to spend the better part of my weekends. Musically, Fleshold comes on strong. Their music is more of a free-form thrash/grind, as opposed to the hyper-tight riffings of bands like Fear Factory or Coroner. I hear a lot of jazz influence on this release. Fleshold was supposed to play Star Studios at the end of June, but the show was canceled. I was told they will return in September. See you there. 


Massacre Records

I told you back in April this one would be good and hah, it is. Forbidden have come back into our lives with another sure classic. DISTORTION is Forbidden’s long awaited release. It’s been five years since their last album, TWISTED INTO FORM. These days, some bands’ entire careers don’t last five years. Since their departure from the scene, Forbidden was dropped by their label, came close to signing with RCA, lost drummer Paul Bostaph to Slayer, released guitarist Craig Locicero (though still a member of Forbidden) to play with Death during their European tour, added drummer Steve Jacobs and most recently were signed by Massacre Records. Whew, well, my tiny brain is just spinning. I was glad to see the lineup remain the same except for of course the drummer change. Come to think of it, it’s been pretty much the same band members since around 1987. Forbidden must offer a great benefits package to keep their employees happy. Hopefully, they will make their way to Utah. They’ve canceled their last two Salt Lake appearances. Forbidden, dammit—YOU OWE US BIG!! 


Independent release 

It’s hard… no, no, no… IT’S HARD is the latest release by Philadelphia hardcore band Hosebush. Phillycore at its finest. Hosebush was formed early in 1994. Members include longtime bandmates Bryan Bobel, Steve Calloway, Roger Johnson and newly acquired guitarist Ron King. Hosebush is the transformation of the East Coast thrash legends Total Irrelevance, in which Bryan, Steven and Roger were all members. T.I. rid themselves of dead weight, picked up Ron on guitar, and are now known in the tri-state area as Hosebush. The band incorporates influences ranging from thrash to traditional hardcore, creating a sound which is nothing short of inspiring. IT’S HARD was released and is being distributed independently by the band itself. Hosebush is currently shopping labels for better distribution channels. 

Hosebush 511 Oak Lane. Dover, Delaware 19901. 


Massacre Records 

The Spudmonsters have released their third album, NO GUARANTEES, on Massacre Records. Hopefully, you saw this hardcore/thrash band live when they were in town with Overdose and Skrew. If you didn’t, shame on you. These guys didn’t stop moving the entire show. I swear this band had more energy on stage than I have in a week. NO GUARANTEES is filled with fourteen songs that will let you see life through the eyes of a member of the Spudmonsters. Unfortunately, it’s the way life really is. Poverty, exploitation, violence, etc. are all topics. Musically, the band reminds me of a cross between THRASHZONE-era D.R.I. (..and that’s a good thing, for those of you that don’t know) and Biohazard. Check out NO GUARANTEES, and if you don’t, the band may very well find you and “Dot Yer Eye.”


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