“[We are] for an art that grows up not knowing it is art at all.” —Claes Oldenburg

Look who is at the museum—The Bad Kids! As multi-media selfie-installations and gender integrated performance art, I think they’ll feel at home here. Left to right, let’s meet them: Klaus von Austerlitz, Flame Fatale, Jezebel Jet, Derek, Chartreuse, Arousalind, The Bearded Femme, Cartel Chameleon Fenice—bad kids who are the autonomous happenings of human bodies—blood, bone, nerve, organ, breath—trillions of cells aged and altered over approx. 29 years (ca. 1989-90), preserved in good health, dimensions variable—who are for an art that is them and she and her and him and they and ours and also theirs. For them, everyday is a drag, every body a skin-soul canvas to apply with costume, cosmetics and ontological anarchism.

Inspired by the babes over at babesatthemuseum.com, with the help of the Utah Museum of Fine Art and Chad Kirkland Photography.