Gallery Stroll – July 2004


I can’t believe it! My friend Megan is actually going to meet me for the Gallery Stroll! I have been telling her for years about the Gallery Strolls; how the Art Galleries stay open late from 6p.m. to 9p.m. on the third Friday of every month, etc. etc. It’s one of those overlooked resources we have in Salt Lake. I wonder why it has taken her so long to come around. Maybe Megan didn’t feel that she was the art type? Maybe she thought she had to wear all black and have a fine art degree? Honestly, there’s no dress code and it’s okay to have no idea who Kandinsky is. It shouldn’t be scary, in fact, it’s fun. I’ll walk you through it with this brief overview of where to go and what you’ll see. The Forum Gallery is pleased to announce the all encompa ssing, retrospective show of Stephanie St. Thomas. Stephanie has been an artist as long as she can remember. Both of her parents were already successful artist when she was born, so you could say she was destined to feel the art flowing in her veins. At the early age of two, she was painting with oils and at five, she had painted her first crucifixion. Her teen years led her to poetry and black line figurative work. As Stephanie got older, her art forms changed to express where she felt she was in her life. In the mid 80s, her jewelry line was selected by Sak’s Fifth Avenue. It’s possible the colors in the jewelry led her to the large colorful acrylic paintings and the sparkling resin-covered tables she currently works on. See, kids, this is what you can accomplish when you don’t have a television as a child! Form Gallery is located at 511 West 200 South. The artist reception will be held on July 16 for Gallery Stroll and the exhibit will remain on display until Aug. 13.

Utah Artist Hands, located at 61 West 100 South, is home to more than 90 local artists! With so many mediums present, it’s nice to sit back and take notice of a particular art form and this month, Utah Artist Hands is trying raise awareness for watercolor artists. Artists Kathy Gehrke, Laurel J. Hart, Kelly L. Hotlman, Nancy Maxfield Lund, Steven K. Sheffield, and Sheryl M. Thronton will transport you across the state of Utah, from Park City views to Escalante Nation Monument. This show will remain on display until Aug. 14 with an artist reception on Gallery Stroll July 16.

Art Access Gallery is pleased to present Lenka Konopasek and Cordell Taylor in an exhibit titled Deconstructions. Lenka, a painter by trade, was moved by the enormous destruction that flooding can do to a countryside after Central Europe was devastated a year and half ago. She gathered up area photos and noticed that while on the ground, the flood was this horrible destructive mass, but from the air it unified the landscape. Cordell Taylor has recently changed the Salt Lake countryside after being commissioned to beautify the area with massive metal art sculptures. Cordell constructs his sculptures by deconstructing engineering components like columns and beams into compositions of beauty, balance, energy and escape. Art Access is located at 339 W. Pierpont Ave. The artist reception will be held July 16 in correlation of the monthly Gallery Stroll and remain on exhibit until Aug. 14.

Now that you have the information, GO OUT AND SUPPORT LOCAL ART !!!!!!!!!