Artisan Frameworks and Gallery is currently displaying a show entitled “Four Every Season” with landscape painters Jason Jones, Steve Larson, Cassandra Parsons and M’lisa Paulson. SLUG sat down with Jason and Steve to catch up on their scintillating careers.

SLUG: You draw a lot from the Utah landscapes, but where have you gone recently out of the state to find your images?

S.L.: I just came back from a trip to Chicago. I really enjoy painting big cities. I just kept finding new images I wanted to paint. I took a shit load of photos—19 rolls of film!

steveJ.J.: I have some paintings that were inspired from my recent trip to Hawaii. I loved painting in the moist air and the colors were so brilliant.

SLUG: Are you members of the Plein Aire Society (a group that meets to paint outdoors)?

J.J.: We have a group of friends that for the last 10 years will run around and search for places to paint. We kind of have our own society we just haven’t thought of a cool name yet.

SLUG: Your landscapes and cityscapes in this show are amazing. What other projects are you working on?

J.J.: I really love working on Mono-prints and I’m currently working on the SLUG comic strips. My studio is divided—half of it for painting and the other half is a drawing and inking studio for graphic work. It’s nice to refresh and change perspectives.

S.L.: Throughout my career I have painted non-representation art simultaneously with representational art. I enjoy throwing paint around and experimenting—I love to see what it can do on as many levels as possible.

SLUG: Along with the Artisan Frameworks and Gallery, where else can the public see your paintings?

S.L.: I have a group show coming up in December at the Coda Gallery in Palm Desert (if any one wants to travel).

J.J.: I currently have some paintings on display at the Horne Gallery (142 E 800 S).

For a refreshing view of landscape paintings stop by the “Four Every Season Show” before January 19th. Artisan Frameworks and Gallery is located at 351 W. Pierpont Ave.

I can’t believe it! My friend Megan is actually going to meet me for the Gallery Stroll! I have been telling her for years about the Gallery Strolls; how the Art Galleries stay open late from 6p.m. to 9p.m. on the third Friday of every month, etc. etc. It’s one of those overlooked resources we have in Salt Lake. I wonder why it has taken her so long to come around. Maybe Megan didn’t feel that she was the art type? Maybe she thought she had to wear all black and have a fine art degree? Honestly, there’s no dress code and it’s okay to have no idea who Kandinsky is. It shouldn’t be scary, in fact, it’s fun. I’ll walk you through it with this brief overview of where to go and what you’ll see. The Forum Gallery is pleased to announce the all encompa ssing, retrospective show of Stephanie St. Thomas. Stephanie has been an artist as long as she can remember. Both of her parents were already successful artist when she was born, so you could say she was destined to feel the art flowing in her veins. At the early age of two, she was painting with oils and at five, she had painted her first crucifixion. Her teen years led her to poetry and black line figurative work. As Stephanie got older, her art forms changed to express where she felt she was in her life. In the mid 80s, her jewelry line was selected by Sak’s Fifth Avenue. It’s possible the colors in the jewelry led her to the large colorful acrylic paintings and the sparkling resin-covered tables she currently works on. See, kids, this is what you can accomplish when you don’t have a television as a child! Form Gallery is located at 511 West 200 South. The artist reception will be held on July 16 for Gallery Stroll and the exhibit will remain on display until Aug. 13.

Utah Artist Hands, located at 61 West 100 South, is home to more than 90 local artists! With so many mediums present, it’s nice to sit back and take notice of a particular art form and this month, Utah Artist Hands is trying raise awareness for watercolor artists. Artists Kathy Gehrke, Laurel J. Hart, Kelly L. Hotlman, Nancy Maxfield Lund, Steven K. Sheffield, and Sheryl M. Thronton will transport you across the state of Utah, from Park City views to Escalante Nation Monument. This show will remain on display until Aug. 14 with an artist reception on Gallery Stroll July 16.

Art Access Gallery is pleased to present Lenka Konopasek and Cordell Taylor in an exhibit titled Deconstructions. Lenka, a painter by trade, was moved by the enormous destruction that flooding can do to a countryside after Central Europe was devastated a year and half ago. She gathered up area photos and noticed that while on the ground, the flood was this horrible destructive mass, but from the air it unified the landscape. Cordell Taylor has recently changed the Salt Lake countryside after being commissioned to beautify the area with massive metal art sculptures. Cordell constructs his sculptures by deconstructing engineering components like columns and beams into compositions of beauty, balance, energy and escape. Art Access is located at 339 W. Pierpont Ave. The artist reception will be held July 16 in correlation of the monthly Gallery Stroll and remain on exhibit until Aug. 14.

Now that you have the information, GO OUT AND SUPPORT LOCAL ART !!!!!!!!!

All about exhibits 80 Something, Explorations of Myth and Lore and Decay for Gallery Stroll Oct. 15, 2004. Gallery Stroll is held on the third Friday of every month when the local galleries stay open until 9pm for all of us working folk to check out art by the locals and the yokels. This event has taken place every third Friday for 20 years. Show the galleries and local artists that you appreciate their work and hopefully they will continue to provide art and art walks for decade’s to come. As with Bill & Nada’s Cafe and the Zephyr Club, you don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone. On October 15th these are some of the fab show’s you may be able to see if you get your big butt of the couch!!!

Guthrie’s Bicycle shop and Art Studio’s located at 156 East 200 South (Top of the stairs) will host their Annual Fall Salon. This one night only art show provides the rare glimpse at the working artist studio. For those of you who attended the Poor Yorick open studio’s last month you can attest to how enlightening this is. Artists have this knack for locking them selves into this tiny place and coming up with huge art project’s to make the space seem even smaller. Twelve very talented artists are set to open their spaces so there should be something for everyone.

Art Access located at 339 West Pierpont Ave, will host its third show entitled 80Something. This show has been a re-accuring event once every 5 years and the premise is 8 artists over 80 still actively pursuing their craft. The eight artists who will be, and should be honored are Dorothy Bearson, Gaell Lindstrom, Marion Nelson, Dennis Papworth, Frank Riggs, Theodore Wassmer, Blanche Wilson and Francis Zimbeaux. The show will open Gallery Stroll evening and remain on display until November 12th. Regular Gallery Hours are M-F 10-5pm

 it is the expression of history that holds an important place in the works of Salt Lake City artist Olivia Celine Glascock.
it is the expression of history that holds an important place in the works of Salt Lake City artist Olivia Celine Glascock.

Sprague Branch Library located at 2131 South 11th East is please to display the recent works of Olivia Celine Glascock. Her new show entitled Explorations of Myth and Lore will offer a contrast and comparison of Mythology and Religious figures focusing on the sacred roles of females. The oil on canvas and wood panel portraits offer a closer yet slightly obscured look at the subject allowing the viewer to come to their own conclusions. The show will hang from October 14th through November 20th and it’s open regular library hours.

From the curators of recent print exchanges Citizen and Misplaced, we bring you Decay, the work of over 30 artists in printmaking focusing on the Xerox copy format. This one night only show will take place at Monks House of Music immediately following the Gallery Stroll on October 15th. Camilla Taylor explains the idea behind the Xerox copy format is to make the prints accessible to all by only charging three dollars a print everyone can afford to own a piece of local art. Framed pieces and entire portfolios will also be for sale. Three dollars pints and local music will round out this evening making this a gallery stroll no one should miss.

So you want to be a scenster? Well, you’re going to have to do more than buy an expensive condo downtown or go to the bars every night. You have to know where the scene is. Luckily, I can help you with that—the hipsters are all at Gallery Stroll, which occurs on the third Friday of every month. Gallery Stroll has been creating a buzz for over 20 years with local art galleries accommodating the workingman by staying open late and providing art, food and sometimes, music. The place: Salt Lake Art Galleries. The time: 6p.m. to 9p.m. The date: Nov. 19. Here’s a list of the galleries you won’t want to miss:Models and DJs provide the perfect accompaniment for an art gallery. Something about a women walking around with cones on her head just takes the stuffiness right out of the experience. The founders of Unknown Artist Gallery, located at 353 W. 200 South, know that not everyone who attends an art opening are over 60 years old with millions of dollars to spend. This street-savvy art gallery promotes the up-and-coming and emerging artist and provides a venue where the younger art admirers can feel right at home. An art opening should be a playful experience where the artist and the art patrons can mingle and enjoy the synergy of other artists and art mediums. Unknown Artist Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 7p.m., with the artist’s reception coinciding with this month’s Gallery Stroll. Also, check out the merchandise for sale during the Holiday Stroll Dec. 3, where you can find the perfect inexpensive gift for the urbanite in your life.

If you could have the most influential people of your existence standing by your side, who would they be? That question was posed to the Fab Four, also known as the Beatles, some 37 years ago by artists Peter Blake and Jann Hawthorn. The results became the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Jan Hawthorn, as one of the original artists on the piece, has kept a running tally in her mind of the people that she felt should have been included on the cover. Now, 37 years later, she posed the same question to the general public during the Utah Arts Festival and a town meeting at West High School. In almost 40 years, some of those faces have changed, and a lot more women and minorities made the cut. The new Sgt. Peppers lineup will be painted, stenciled and collaged onto a parking structure at 400 W. 240 South. The project, now being called Salt Lake City Pepper, is the result of local artists and citizens joining forces to create a piece of art that will acknowledge and appreciate those people who have changed the way we live today.

Another art gallery opening! That’s two in a month—who says the economy is bad? One Modern Art, located at 1074 E. 2100 South, will focus on abstract expressionism, pop art, cubism and sculpture. Artists will include Mark Seely, John Bell, Trent Alvey, Layne Meacham, Darryl Erdmann and Jeremiah Rodgers. For more information, contact them at 556-9904.

Want to “Stroll” in Style? New Visions Gallery, located at 47 E. 400 South, understands that riding from gallery to gallery in a Pinto is not the ideal way for some to enter the scene. How about a limo ride for you and your friends with dinner reservations at Mikado? Sound a little more chic? Sign up for the drawing during the November Gallery Stroll and you could be riding around in style for Holiday Stroll on Dec. 3. Contestants need not be present to win; winner will be selected by 9p.m. on Nov. 19.

For a complete list of art galleries participating in Gallery Stroll, you can visit SUPPORT LOCAL ART!!!!!!

 Leia Bell
There is no American Buffalo – Leia Bell
Unknown Gallery, at 353 W. 200 South, has been the place to be on Gallery Stroll since it’s opening in September. A visit to Unknown immediately transports you to a chic studio space reminiscent of So Ho NYC. Upon arriving, you might think you are underdressed but no, those high-fashion divas are actually the models for guest stylists Lunatic Fringe Salon. The artwork featured in January’s show would delight any outdoor enthusiast. Thirty to 40 artists were selected and provided a skate deck, snowboard or surfboard to express themselves. Local artist Lei Bell will display her work via m3 Snowboards. Hawaiian-native Shelby Kushma surfboards had to be shipped in for the show. As if the boards weren’t exciting enough, local darlings Black Chandelier will introduce its new street and skatewear line during the opening reception on Jan. 21. It’s events like this that remind me of the inner communities within the whole and how each individual can make such a difference. Shane Justice made a huge impact in many boarders’ lives and on this evening, a tribute to his life will be shown at Cup of Joe’s, immediately across the walkway from Unknown Gallery. This tribute has been shown recently at the tower and DVDs will be available for purchase. Many of these events are exclusive to the reception on Jan. 21, but the main boarders’ show will remain on display until Feb. 11.


Lynn Hoffman-Brouse portrait
Lynn Hoffman-Brouse

Art Access, located at 339 W. Pierpont Ave., is pleased to present the exhibit Framing the In-between Life; Finding a Way to Normal, a photographic study by Lynn Hoffman-Brouse on one family’s time at the YWCA/KRH transitional apartment. You can view their touching journey at the opening reception on Jan. 21 from 6p.m.-9p.m., followed by regular gallery hours Monday through Friday 10a.m.-5p.m. until Feb. 11.


A Gallery, located at 1321 S. 2100 East, will host a group show featuring new works by Eric Thompson and Kraig Varner. A Gallery houses approximately 30 to 35 artists and just recently opened up in a new bigger and better space. For more information on A Gallery, locate them on the web at


For lack of space and time, not all galleries could be included. For a complete list of participating galleries, please visit

Apparatus: Function: noun. Inflected Form(s): plural -tus•es or –tus Etymology: Latin, from apparare to prepare, from ad- + parare 1 a. a set of materials or equipment designed for a particular use b. a group of anatomical or cytological parts functioning together c. an instrument or appliance designed for a specific operation 2. the functional processes by means of which a systematized activity is carried out: as a. the machinery of government b. the organization of a political party or an underground movement.Apparatus: Function: noun. Inflected Form(s): plural -tus•es or –tus Etymology: Latin, from apparare to prepare, from ad- + parare 1 a. a set of materials or equipment designed for a particular use b. a group of anatomical or cytological parts functioning together c. an instrument or appliance designed for a specific operation 2. the functional processes by means of which a systematized activity is carried out: as a. the machinery of government b. the organization of a political party or an underground movement.

This systematized activity, the underground movement if you will, is also the title of the upcoming print exchange and show spearheaded by local printmakers Camilla Taylor, Russel Daniels and Trent Call. I was recently told you have to make money off your art in order to be called an artist (yeah, whatever), so we’ll just call them Print Pushers!

SLUG: Camilla, when you announced the theme Apparatus, what kind of reaction did you received from the printmakers?

Camilla Taylor: One artist; someone you wouldn’t expect, said oh, apparatus, you mean like a dildo, right?

SLUG: Do you think this show will take on a more sexual undertone than some of the past exchanges?

CT: I think The Citizen, Misplaced and Decay shows were all really political; all about politics or death, so I think everyone just wanted to make it about sex now.

Trent Call: It’s because that’s what we’re all after.

CT: I try to think of a theme that allows me to make something depressing; I couldn’t do a show on interpersonal cooperation, or fairies.

Being that this show is not up yet and most of the work is in a conceptual state, what one word could each of you offer to provide some insight to our readers on what to expect of this show?

Print Pushers; Megalomania, Cranium, Hook, Intensive Dental Reconstructive Surgery, Homo erectus, Imagination and Transformation.

Well, there you have it, come check out the deranged view of 20 of Salt Lake’s finest printmakers. The Apparatus show is one evening and one evening only! Gallery Stroll night, Feb. 18th from 6-9p.m. @ Chris Creyt’s studio, 335 W. Pierpont Ave. (240 S.)

Also, checkout the newly opened SaltLakeUnderGround Gallery at 351 W. Pierpont Ste. 4B, featuring works by Bob Moss. For more information, call 801.487.9221

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