Adjusting the Sights: Local Artists Steve Larson and Jason Jones


Artisan Frameworks and Gallery is currently displaying a show entitled “Four Every Season” with landscape painters Jason Jones, Steve Larson, Cassandra Parsons and M’lisa Paulson. SLUG sat down with Jason and Steve to catch up on their scintillating careers.

SLUG: You draw a lot from the Utah landscapes, but where have you gone recently out of the state to find your images?

S.L.: I just came back from a trip to Chicago. I really enjoy painting big cities. I just kept finding new images I wanted to paint. I took a shit load of photos—19 rolls of film!

steveJ.J.: I have some paintings that were inspired from my recent trip to Hawaii. I loved painting in the moist air and the colors were so brilliant.

SLUG: Are you members of the Plein Aire Society (a group that meets to paint outdoors)?

J.J.: We have a group of friends that for the last 10 years will run around and search for places to paint. We kind of have our own society we just haven’t thought of a cool name yet.

SLUG: Your landscapes and cityscapes in this show are amazing. What other projects are you working on?

J.J.: I really love working on Mono-prints and I’m currently working on the SLUG comic strips. My studio is divided—half of it for painting and the other half is a drawing and inking studio for graphic work. It’s nice to refresh and change perspectives.

S.L.: Throughout my career I have painted non-representation art simultaneously with representational art. I enjoy throwing paint around and experimenting—I love to see what it can do on as many levels as possible.

SLUG: Along with the Artisan Frameworks and Gallery, where else can the public see your paintings?

S.L.: I have a group show coming up in December at the Coda Gallery in Palm Desert (if any one wants to travel).

J.J.: I currently have some paintings on display at the Horne Gallery (142 E 800 S).

For a refreshing view of landscape paintings stop by the “Four Every Season Show” before January 19th. Artisan Frameworks and Gallery is located at 351 W. Pierpont Ave.