Gallery Stroll – January 2005


 Leia Bell
There is no American Buffalo – Leia Bell

Unknown Gallery, at 353 W. 200 South, has been the place to be on Gallery Stroll since it’s opening in September. A visit to Unknown immediately transports you to a chic studio space reminiscent of So Ho NYC.

Upon arriving, you might think you are underdressed but no, those high-fashion divas are actually the models for guest stylists Lunatic Fringe Salon. The artwork featured in January’s show would delight any outdoor enthusiast. Thirty to 40 artists were selected and provided a skate deck, snowboard or surfboard to express themselves.

Local artist Lei Bell will display her work via m3 Snowboards. Hawaiian-native Shelby Kushma surfboards had to be shipped in for the show. As if the boards weren’t exciting enough, local darlings Black Chandelier will introduce its new street and skatewear line during the opening reception on Jan. 21.

It’s events like this that remind me of the inner communities within the whole and how each individual can make such a difference. Shane Justice made a huge impact in many boarders’ lives and on this evening, a tribute to his life will be shown at Cup of Joe’s, immediately across the walkway from Unknown Gallery.

This tribute has been shown recently at the tower and DVDs will be available for purchase. Many of these events are exclusive to the reception on Jan. 21, but the main boarders’ show will remain on display until Feb. 11.

Lynn Hoffman-Brouse portrait
Lynn Hoffman-Brouse

Art Access, located at 339 W. Pierpont Ave., is pleased to present the exhibit Framing the In-between Life; Finding a Way to Normal, a photographic study by Lynn Hoffman-Brouse on one family’s time at the YWCA/KRH transitional apartment. You can view their touching journey at the opening reception on Jan. 21 from 6p.m.-9p.m., followed by regular gallery hours Monday through Friday 10a.m.-5p.m. until Feb. 11.

A Gallery, located at 1321 S. 2100 East, will host a group show featuring new works by Eric Thompson and Kraig Varner. A Gallery houses approximately 30 to 35 artists and just recently opened up in a new bigger and better space.

For more information on A Gallery, locate them on the web at For lack of space and time, not all galleries could be included. For a complete list of participating galleries, please visit