Ms. Meredith holds up a pink dress.

What’s In My Closet? with Ms. Meredith

Art and Fashion

The closet: A cluttered gateway to the personality and mindset of its inhabitants. Or, to many individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, the launching point to find one’s true self. Whether organized or messy, the closet is a tool to utilize the clothing and items inside as an extension of ourselves. No one quite knows that more than the gorgeous, smiling-eyed “blonde” shell, Ms. Meredith. Inspired by Y2K divas or the glamor of vintage Hollywood, Mer dabbles in it all! So, let’s break open the fashion vault as we curate some of Meredith’s most iconic (or simply sentimental) outfits that makes her the “polish, preppy and playful” performer she is today.

Ms. Mer’s First Performance: “I knew my first performance had to be like Avril Lavigne pop-punk,” says Meredith. With hand-sewn patches and rhinestones, this two-piece rebellious ensemble comes strapped with a jersey-type top and belt-fitted skirt. In turn, this outfit cemented Ms. Mer as a force to be reckoned with. “Using this art to transport me to this fantasy was such an iconic starting-off,” says Meredith.









Ms. Meredith poses with wig and dress.

The LoveLoud Look: When asked to open for the 2023 LoveLoud Festival, feeling starstruck was an understatement. “I was so lost, like what do I do? How do I pull this off?” says Meredith. Taken from Lady Gaga’s “Enigma + Jazz & Piano” era, this rose-gold sequin and feather boa duo delivered smooth jazz and 1920’s flapper dance styling. “I looked stunning … I felt absolutely priceless at that moment.” 






Ms. Meredith with dress and wig.

Trans Glory Fit: With the news media of Utah covering more anti-trans bills through the legislative session, this Ann-Margretinspired garment aims to take a stand. The light-pink dress—matched with baby blue bows, reflecting the colors of the transgender flag—is a one-in-many design, promoting advocacy and respect for the trans community. “I wanted to make a goal to show what real trans glory is,” says Meredith. “If any of these people got to know us on a personal level, it could change their minds.”











Barbie doll and dress drawing

The Barbie Dress: Following the Barbie premiere in 2023, this puffy pink dress was a labor of love. “I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could bring this to life,” says Meredith. Being the first dress that was actually being planned and sketched out, Meredith hopes this method would segue into a career in couture fashion design. “The construction for this outfit wasn’t cute, but once I had it on … It felt like a Barbie fantasy.”










Ms. Meredith's Queerfest outfit.

SLC Queerfest Two-piece with Robe: Scandalously tasteful and bedazzled to kingdom come, this light pink lingerie was a true pivotal point into Meredith’s performing career. “I was so nervous because I started hormones about a week before this performance,” says Meredith. Nods for this piece are inspired by the 2010 film Burlesque, but the true driving force came in the form of confidence. “As nervous as I was, I just had to tell myself, ‘Confidence is just a mindset,’ and switch it on.”







Ms. Meredith holds the "Mother dress."

The Mother Gown: “I saw my mom wearing this dress at one of our Christmas parties [and] I’ve been obsessed with it ever since,” says Meredith. Not only does this silky black dress serve as an example of her passion for fashion, but also links the common ground between her transition and her family’s acceptance. “When she gave it to me, it was such a sweet gesture … I bawled on my way home.”






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