Gallery Stroll – October 2004


All about exhibits 80 Something, Explorations of Myth and Lore and Decay for Gallery Stroll Oct. 15, 2004. Gallery Stroll is held on the third Friday of every month when the local galleries stay open until 9pm for all of us working folk to check out art by the locals and the yokels. This event has taken place every third Friday for 20 years. Show the galleries and local artists that you appreciate their work and hopefully they will continue to provide art and art walks for decade’s to come. As with Bill & Nada’s Cafe and the Zephyr Club, you don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone. On October 15th these are some of the fab show’s you may be able to see if you get your big butt of the couch!!!

Guthrie’s Bicycle shop and Art Studio’s located at 156 East 200 South (Top of the stairs) will host their Annual Fall Salon. This one night only art show provides the rare glimpse at the working artist studio. For those of you who attended the Poor Yorick open studio’s last month you can attest to how enlightening this is. Artists have this knack for locking them selves into this tiny place and coming up with huge art project’s to make the space seem even smaller. Twelve very talented artists are set to open their spaces so there should be something for everyone.

Art Access located at 339 West Pierpont Ave, will host its third show entitled 80Something. This show has been a re-accuring event once every 5 years and the premise is 8 artists over 80 still actively pursuing their craft. The eight artists who will be, and should be honored are Dorothy Bearson, Gaell Lindstrom, Marion Nelson, Dennis Papworth, Frank Riggs, Theodore Wassmer, Blanche Wilson and Francis Zimbeaux. The show will open Gallery Stroll evening and remain on display until November 12th. Regular Gallery Hours are M-F 10-5pm

 it is the expression of history that holds an important place in the works of Salt Lake City artist Olivia Celine Glascock.
it is the expression of history that holds an important place in the works of Salt Lake City artist Olivia Celine Glascock.

Sprague Branch Library located at 2131 South 11th East is please to display the recent works of Olivia Celine Glascock. Her new show entitled Explorations of Myth and Lore will offer a contrast and comparison of Mythology and Religious figures focusing on the sacred roles of females. The oil on canvas and wood panel portraits offer a closer yet slightly obscured look at the subject allowing the viewer to come to their own conclusions. The show will hang from October 14th through November 20th and it’s open regular library hours.

From the curators of recent print exchanges Citizen and Misplaced, we bring you Decay, the work of over 30 artists in printmaking focusing on the Xerox copy format. This one night only show will take place at Monks House of Music immediately following the Gallery Stroll on October 15th. Camilla Taylor explains the idea behind the Xerox copy format is to make the prints accessible to all by only charging three dollars a print everyone can afford to own a piece of local art. Framed pieces and entire portfolios will also be for sale. Three dollars pints and local music will round out this evening making this a gallery stroll no one should miss.