Quirkiness is the brightly colored basis of Psy Robison's Queerations, and the brand holds nothing back in their pursuit of kitsch.

Queerations: Craft Lake City Artisan


When browsing the Etsy shop of Ogden-based Queerations, it is immediately clear that the handmade merchandise is deserving of the maker’s own description of their work: It’s “quirky,” “kitschy” and oh so colorful. As a “proud Queer non-binary human,” Psy Robison decided Queerations would be the perfect brand name after first selling their wearable art at a maker’s market in 2018. Now, Queerations merchandise sells both online through an Etsy shop and at local markets. During this year’s Craft Lake City Virtual DIY Festival, Queerations will be launching an expanded line of goods. In addition to the figurine earrings and rainbow-themed necklaces that can be found online, the brand has grown to include t-shirts and tote bags made with heat-transfer vinyl.

Queerations' Psy Robison hard at work on new product.
Photo: John Barkiple

A self-described “Kawaii Queerdo,” Robison draws direct inspiration from the aesthetic of Japanese-cuteness culture. One of Queerations’ offerings, a wallet-sized zipper pouch, features the image of smiling, cherubic sushi pieces and the caption “let’s roll.”

Another punny item depicts a tender pair of blushing veggies and the phrase “love at first bite.” Other Queerations offerings include SpongeBob earrings, a teeny tiny pin shaped like McDonald’s french fries and beaded chokers complete with Lizzo lyrics.

“Ogden is such a diverse city, and because of that, I feel that I really try to create things for every type of person,” says Robison. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Robison explains that their queer identity “always comes out in my work, whether it be intentional or not.” The Pride rainbow is ever present throughout the Queerations catalog.

Quirkiness is the brightly-colored basis of Queerations, and the brand holds nothing back in their pursuit of the kitsch. As long as there is a supply of Perler beads and plastic figurines, the creative juices of Psy Robison will continue to flow like a river. Visit their Instagram @queerations. –Austin Beck-Doss