Review: Drifter: Out of the Night Volume 1

Comic Review

Drifter: Out of the Night Volume 1
Writer: Ivan Brandon
Nic Klein

Image Comics
Street: 07.02

Abram Pollux crashes on a backwater planet and wakes up in an infirmary after being shot by a passerby. He doesn’t know where he is or why he is there, but only that he is now going to have to find a way back. This comic is the best mashup of sci-fi and western that I’ve read to date. Not only does the book guide you through large amounts of western tropes, but it has gorgeously drab art that fits the tone perfectly. Volume 1 does a great job introducing you to the twisted sense of justice held by all of the planet’s inhabitants. The book also does a great job of holding true to spaghetti western themes while gently introducing pieces of sci-fi as you read. This is a perfect go for someone looking to read a dark story with interesting twists. –Thomas Winkley