Review: G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection

Comic Review

G.I. Joe: The IDW Collection

Various Artists/Authors
IDW Comics
Street: 02.10

G.I. Joe is an institution for any young woman who came up through the ‘80s. This fifth volume collection adds a new layer onto the fabled history of the Joes and gives us something to get the kids to grow their comic reading obsession. This volume collects the Origins, Helix, Infestation, Cobra II and standard Joe story line. This was a phenomenal blast from the past for me watching the crew fighting genetically modified enemies with some powers bordering on the supernatural. With no short amount of campy writing and military tropes, fans of the series from their early years will find this a great stroll down memory lane, and many will be happy to have discovered this colleciton. –Thomas Winkley