Review: Intersect: Vol 1. Metamorph

Comic Review

Intersect: Vol 1. Metamorph TP

Writer/Artist: Ray Fawkes
Image Comics
Street: 05.20

It isn’t often that a comic intrigues and confuses simultaneously, but the first six issues of Intersect collected into  a trade have done just that. The wispy and colorful art style is supported with the fragmented story as you watch the battle between two lovers entwined in the same body. While all of humanity is being merged with animals and inanimate objects, these two were lucky enough to be merged together. What little the chaotic story gives us about the world is definitely intriguing and what little you learn about the couple is interesting. Unfortunately, the story, as it stands, is fragmented enough and takes time to deliver the message so things are not innately clear. This is warming up to a punch-line, or maybe there was one that I didn’t grasp, but eventually, this story could knock your socks off. –Thomas Winkley