Review: MPH

Comic Review

MPH – Trade Paperback

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Duncan Fegredo
Image Comics
Street: 04.22

Throw anything you know about science out the window and this book becomes instantly loveable. When an inmate finally caves to drugs and ends up with a batch of a mystery pill that provides super speed, he and his friends go on a crime spree to get vengeance on America’s 1 percent. The art in this book is a great mixture of an urban hip-hop and news print style that does a great job reflecting the world around our protagonists. Millar’s story keeps you focused from the jump and has plenty of twists and turns to make each page worth reinvestigating. The limited time available for our protagonists ability also lend a sense of urgency not common to most Super Power books. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary with a happy ending, this is for you. –Thomas Winkley