Sundance Film Festival

Director: Nash Edgerton

I’m not one to interject during movies, especially when I’m watching them alone, but I gasped a loud “Holy shit!” to the strangers in the audience as I watched Bear, the short film that preceded the screening of Safety Not Guaranteed at Sundance. I didn’t see many short films this year, Bear was one out of two, but it put to shame many of the feature films I saw at the festival.

The premise of the film can be summed up in the quote that came onscreen at the beginning: “Always Jack, you go too far. Always, you take things too far by one step.” – Jill, Jack’s ex-girlfriend. This is in reference to a short by Australian filmmaker Nash Edgerton (Bear is his fifth Sundance film) entitled “Spider” that I highly suggest you check out on YouTube. If you thought that was a mind-fuck, just wait until they finally post Bear. You’re gonna shit your pants.