Review: Metallica

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The Videos: 1989-2004

Warner Brothers
Street: 12.05.06

Metallica fans of old know that this DVD will not fit their liking. Considering Metallica didn’t come out with a music video until the And Justice For All album, their fourth record. That said video for the song, “One,” though has stood the test of time as one of the best metal videos period. Move on you have a plethora of okay music videos from the black album half of which are just live montages. Then you move in the direction of a crapload of videos from the Load and Reload albums, which can be somewhat entertaining, but the songs sure do suck. Then you have some videos from the re-vamped Garage Inc., which were obviously cover tunes. As well as the video from the album the band did with the symphony for one of the songs exclusive to that double live record, “No Leaf Clover.” Then there is the one that started the whole alienation of the fans the song the band did for the soundtrack to Mission Impossible II, “I Disappear,” it was said song that unleashed the Napster lawsuit and disenchanted millions of fans. If you’d like to witness the journey of a band changed through their music videos then check out the DVD. There is no question that this will be another must own for the die-hard Metallica fans. Just know that for the first time this is where you can legally own every current Metallica video. – Bryer Wharton