Review: Ripper Street: Season Three

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Ripper Street: Season Three

Street: 06.23

I’ve always been a sucker for procedurals, especially when there’s an excellent cast with some chemistry. Ripper Street is a bit more old-school than other procedurals since it’s set in the time of Jack the Ripper in 1889, but it’s still entertaining. Matthew MacFadyen, from a recent Pride and Prejudice, along with Jerome Flynn, whom I adore from Game of Thrones, are the best part of the show as the main characters, Edmund Reid and Bennet Drake. They’re great together, and they have some great arcs in this season—I love the picture of them carrying the shotguns in their snazzy trench coats. The other main pair in the show is Adam Rothenberg and MyAnna Buring as the estranged married couple, Captain Homer Jackson and Long Susan. Buring has the best story of the season with a satisfying conclusion, and she has some great moments with Rothenberg and MacFadyen. My only complaint was a character only seemed to show up to further the season’s storyline instead of being developed. Season three is a great entry in the series with many “WTF” moments that will keep you watching until the end. –Ashley Lippert