Author: Arexander Oltega

The Fucktards
Christ Punchen Fun!
Street: 11.08.10
The Fucktards = Dead Milkmen + The Germs
Congratulations, Fucktards: As I play this EP while my vulgar 17-year-old brother drives me to our parents’ house to steal food, he states, “This is foul.” Christ Punchen Fun! delivers boorish punk rock that sounds like it was recorded in a toilet littered with used condoms and week-old pizza crusts. The fact that the EP does not indicate song titles demonstrates The Fucktards’ sloppy style. “Track 02” stands out as the flagship song with an uncouth sing-along line: “Up your butt and ‘round the corner! Where I’m gonna stick my boner!” “Track 05” adequately transposes the shit-show that is a Fucktards show onto a recording—It invokes an image of drunk twenty-somethings rekindling their teenage romance with fucking shit up and finding a place to take a shit in a public park. Ah, memories. Grab this EP after you chuck an empty beer can at Mike Brown.