By Bob Plumb

Zak Hale – Front Board – SLC, Utah

What’s the worst part about posting on Instagram? For me, it’s writing the captions. They always sound bad to me. So rather than trying to come up with a clever print caption for this photo, it’s your turn for an Instagram caption. Caption this photo. Best caption gets a free beanie from SLUG. Keep an eye on the @slugmag and @bobplumbphoto Instagram accounts to comment with your caption. If it’s the best one, you get a bonus prize if you post your caption with the photo on Instagram and tag us before we post it.

By Bob Plumb
By Bob Plumb

Sam Taxwood – 50-50 Ollie through the Hole – SLC, Utah

Sometimes you shoot a photo and you think, “Damn, man, that would be a sick cover.” That’s how I felt about Sam Taxwood and this photo. You push for it, and then somehow, it slips through the cracks and not only doesn’t make the cover, but doesn’t see the light of day. That’s how I initially felt about this photo.

Sam Taxwood. Photo: Bob Plumb

Click image for .gif. Photos: Bob Plumb

Cale Zima – Front 5050 to Backside 5050 Transfer to Rail Break – SLC, Utah

Most photographers hate when filmers are in their photos. In this case, Cale Zima is boarding and Brock “Butters” Nielsen is filming. These two have been a couple of my closest friends for many moons—so I’m down. These guys are amazing humans.

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Photo: Bob Plumb