Damn son, it’s already the second month of 2007- – can you believe it? Well, SLC has not been the place to be this year if you love to get wicked while strapped in. Early on, even before the new year, Denver started getting dumped on, and its been a weekly event since. This sparked a filming riot in the streets of Denver. The city of Denver, although fairly close to the mtns, doesn’t get nearly as much snow annually as the Great Salt Lake. In fact, it rarely gets more than a couple inches that last no more than a few days. This year we are talking about feet and cold weather to make it last. So film crews everywhere are taking advantage.

Out and about in the streets of the city were the likes of all the top urban killers: Mark Frank Montoya, a Denver homegrown; E.C, Dead Lung, Phildo, Matty Ryan, J2, Justin Bennee, Kurt Wastell, Seth Huot, Stevie Bell, Darrell Mathes, and after a trip cut short from Europe, Mikey Leblanc, all filming for either F.O.D.T , Absinthe, Mack Dawg, or BozWreck. And on the girls side: Hana Beamen, Laura Hadar, Desiree Melancone and Jaqui Berg, all filming for the new chick flick RUNWAY FILMS, Colors. Denver is a little bigger than Salt Lake, therefor the shots that came out of the city are sure to please the urban eye. Plenty of new rails, urban bomb drops, ollie gaps and believe or not city booters are all in the mix for next years videos.

In industry news, the newest and freshest is this: Nike is dropping back into snowboarding. You may remember a couple years back Nike dipped into snowboarding with its program ASG. Well, with lack of anything original and not staying true to their Nike roots they totally botched it. ASG was a huge disaster in the states and never took off so they called it quits about three or four years ago, but in Europe it never failed, so technically its still alive, just over there. What Nike learned thru their loss in the snow community, and later through their success in the skate community with Nike SB, was that they had to stay true to their own style, to who they really are. Just like anyone else in this world, if you try to be something your not, people will be able to see thru it and won’t be into it. So with that said, Nike took a step back and gathered themselves, hired some new designers and are now ready to do it right. Nike will launch its boots and outerwear in fall of 08. So far they have signed Justin Bennee and Eric Jackson for boots and outerwear and myself and Louie Vito for boots and shoes. Now you may have noticed some strange Nike ads in the magazines lately and thought WTF? But be aware, these silly cartoon ads have nothing to do with the Nike Snow project. These cartoon ads are part of their 6.0 program. After the success of Nike SB, which is only available in legit skateboard shops and not in big brand, big box, or not skateboard related stores, Nike decided to bridge the gap of people who liked SB but weren’t involved in skateboarding, so they came up with 6.0. From what I know they have a few young snow kids signed, some wakeboarders and maybe even some moto-cross guys. This is a totally different thing from Nike Snow, and from the gossip on the street, the basic prototypes for the boots Nike is making are amazing. Nothing too juicy, but expect Nike SB in boot form. And you know they have the technology to make it one of the most technically advanced boot on the market.

In other shoe news, DC is spreading their brand all over the body of some major snowboarders. They have gone all Burton on us and are now making boards and bindings to go with their newly founded outwear, and old (but not necessarily good) boot line. So far the rumors are that Lauri Heskiri and Devun Walsh both broke some big time contracts with Forum and Special Blend to sign with the all-in-one sponsor. Word on the street is there are a few more coming as well. No names yet, but you know their bank accounts are going to inflate once it happens, as all the riders are coming from well established places with their former sponsors.

So until the names drop and the games get popped, have fun shralping and stay tuned for more juicy romance gossip, not to mention a journey to Asia by yours truly. Time to see how the other half lives.

The season has officially begun. As I write this, snow is falling on our lovely city and film crews are out making plans to get stuff done on the streets tomorrow. In Misschief news (AKA, The Girl Movie), there is no more mischief. Amber Stackhouse and Fabia Graebler are ‘taking a break’. The past two movies, although very well received and highly successful, drove the girls to the brink of insanity. I have no idea what it actually takes to make a movie, but from what I have gathered from a couple different sources, it is apparently a lot of work. Fear not little girls and young boys, Leanne Pelosi, Alexis Waite and Erin Comstock are heading up a new project, which I can’t stop calling runaway, but is actually named Runway Films. These girls are such runway material that they just couldn’t help themselves. I on the other hand, I’m more of a runaway type so we’ll see how this all works out.

Technine is doing another movie. They have been bought out by Denver based Section outerwear, so be sure to spot all the kids switching up their T9 jerseys for unzipped Section coats. I’ve also heard that E-stone and Coal might be making the move to Colorado, to better help the brand. I was in Colorado last week and there were literally five homicides in five minutes. Maybe that means that Colorado will better suit their gangster lifestyle.

Enough chitchat though, here’s something that will trip you out. This is a break down of how to get into snowboard movies. It goes like this. If you are a big-time hot shot pro-snowboarder, people want you in their movie. Your sponsors will help pay for the flick, and in turn get their logo displayed at the beginning of the movie. The cost of this is anywhere from five to 30 thousand, depending on how many riders the sponsor has in the movie, and how much the budget of the movie is. Mack Dog movie budgets may be nearing the half-mil point by now. A movie by Misschief or Technine is probably around 100 – 200 grand. The more money a sponsor puts up, the more riders will be in the movie. On the other hand, if a movie producer is not that into a rider, it will up the ante, and force the sponsor to come up with some ridiculous amount of money to get the rider in the film. This amount is anywhere from 20 to 70 thousand. No joke. This is how a lot of people get pushed out of movies. The movie producers are over the rider, and instead of being straight up about it, they say ‘oh by the way it’ll cost your sponsors 50 g’s to be in our movie. Sorry we can’t do anything about it. We need the money.’

The viewer won’t be able to tell who bought themselves into a movie, but from an insider’s perspective it’s pretty interesting. Plus the bigger movies aren’t always better. Next time you’re at Milo tell them to throw in a smaller lower-budget movie and see if it gets your blood pumping. Chances are you’ll be stoked on it and you’ll be on the ins about all the new up and comers.

Speaking of low budget, Brighton is putting together a movie this year. I can’t wait to see what they come up with because this is definitely one of the best places to ride, and all the kids who ride there have amazing talent, style and creativity. Check out Brighton’s myspace page to get updated on what’s going on with it at