With roughly two city blocks taken over by painters, sculptors, musicians, food stands and various other creatives each year, the Utah Arts Festival is always something to look forward to. Even given the 100-degree weather, the turn out this past Saturday was impressive, and each artist seemed thrilled to have an opportunity to showcase their work to an eager crowd. There was no shortage of sensory stimulation, as any given artist offered up a unique perspective regardless of their chosen mediums.

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Urban Arts Festival 2015

On Saturday, July 18, The SLC Urban Arts Festival brought some much-needed life to the Gateway Mall in downtown SLC. Although the similarities between the Urban Arts Fest and the Utah Arts Festival are obvious, the differences became much more clear while walking down the closed off streets lined with various vendors and performers. With the tall, adobe colored buildings of the Gateway looming over the narrow street, the Urban Arts Festival brought visitors more up close and personal with the artists. A hip hop stage showcased some of the best hip-hop Salt Lake City has to offer, displayed prominently in the center of the fest. Artists of all types were able to show off their hard work in a fest that perfectly echoed the vibe of the outdoor mall that surrounded it. Drawing spectators in is always a difficult task, but with free admission and something for everyone on display, the Urban Arts Festival added a fresh take on the summer festival season in downtown Salt Lake City.

Even though Vallenfyre’s lead singer sustained a knee injury that prevented him from playing the show, the remaining bands were able to carry the night. Pallbearer opened the show up with their psychedelic tunes, while Converge amped everything up to 11 with a triple dose of crossover thrash. At The Gates capped everything off with an excellent show that reminded the audience why their name will live on in the annals of metal history.

Photos Courtesy of Matthew Windsor // www.matthewwindsorphoto.com

One night, five bands—already we were in for an excellent show. The night started off with Mizery out of San Diego, who managed to wow the crowd despite being the opener for a bunch of bigger acts. Afterward, Bent Life played a straightforward but powerful set, followed by Suburban Scum. Rotting Out took to the stage with an unbelievably intense set, leaving things with Expire on a high note. Expire’s set was just as excellent as you’d expect—consistent and personal.

All told, it was a great hardcore show over at Kilby Court.

Photos Courtesy of Matthew Windsor // matthewwindsorphoto.com