Audiowhores - Work It Out


Peppermint Jam

From Manchester’s Audiowhores (Soulfuric/LAY) comes the latest and greatest from German Label Peppermint Jam. This quality production features the powerful vocals of Rashaan Houston and is for late-night dance floor gurus. Chunky, funky and straight-up house, this record is definitely a hottie of summer, and perhaps for later seasons. “Party time … get out on the dance floor … like you never worked before” are an example of what the lyrics are like, layered over a heavy bass and Swing City beats. For you “Lola’s Theme” crazies, check out Ty Holden’s “meet the monster mix,” holding up some electro basslines and tasty tribal beats. My personal favorite is the dub mix.




Vega/Maw Records


Originally released on Louie Vega “Elements of Life” recordings, these unreleased mixes will definitely make it into your bag. Re-invented in a techy and raw groove by German producer Isolee, “Africa/Brasil” has never seen better treatment. Overlaying the whirling and clicking rhythms of the original version’s vocals and chants; the two mixes: “Dusk Mix” and “Dawn Mix” give you a minimal house feel with kind regard to the organic feel that signatures the MAW sound. In stores December 18, keep a look out for the EOL Extensions Album, due for release January 26.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, January 2005, Issue 193.


Off the Cuff

Off the Cuff

Soulfuric Trax

From northeast England, the production duo of “Off the Cuff” are Karl Frampton and Si Liliker. Welcoming them to the Soulfuric team with new single “Shake,” these folks know the nectar of the house fruit. Aside includes the swingin’ talent of Martin Ikin and Darren Giles for the “Solid Purpose mix”. It features an uplifting spoken-word piece, synth stabs and the classic soul-house guitar; and on the B-side, Primo (from Device) for the “Primo Mix.” Taking it deeper, adding a US-Chicago sound—damn; you ain’t goin’ wrong with this one. It includes an a cappella of spoken word—wicked, mate.
This review originally appeared in Headphones, August 2005, Issue 200.


Generate Music

What I believe to be in the top five, if not the best, release from Generate Music, “Love is …,” is the first solo project produced by Eric Wikman of Deepswing Productions on the Generate label. Originally created in a “live band session” with some of the O.G. members from the “Jazz Transit” sessions for Soulfuric Records with a lineup consisting of a Rhodes piano, two funky guitars, a groovin’ bass, B3 Organ and of course, soulful vocals from Donna Washington for some soaring ad-libs and—the icing on the cake—L.A. radio personality/DJ Kristi Lomax doing spoken words of “love.” It includes two mixes (and a capella): Side A: “Disco Transit” is one for all those jazzy-soulful househeads; with sophistication and smooth styles. Side B: “Alex Groove” gives you another style in the same game of “In the Music.” Hypnotic grooves and explosive energy—you’re going to want this! Thanks to Jen and Eric for this one.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, September 2004, Issue 189.

Mark Knight/MTV Feat. E-Man - A New Reality


1 Trax Records


Attention: “Big Room” DJs all around—this track is for you! Receiving support from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Steve Lawler, and Mousse T, this 12″ is causing quite a stir among the internationals. Produced by Mark Knight (Toolroom Records) and Dutch born DJ/producer Martijn ten Velden, it’s in-your-face with big sounds and heavy bass. In the continuation of constant consumer loving, the boys have brought on board NY vocalist E-man (heard on “Runnin” on MN2S), whose spoken-word styles keep the heads going on and on. A New Reality is a definite in the club kid’s bag—includes vox and dub mixes.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, January 2005, Issue 193.

Grant Nelson - So SpecialGrant Nelson
So Special

Swing City

Grant Nelson is back! Just in time for Balearic Season—this hot little number is right off the back of the “life” single, released earlier this year. Including “club” and “dub” mixes, this disco groover will top charts in full swank. Featuring vocal stabs, GN beats, funky ass bass, keys and guitar, think JJK mixed with a little Deepswing and tracks such as “Just for You” by Free Spirits. Guaranteed the value, this start-to-finish pool party will rock the panties right off this year’s clubgoers. 
This review originally appeared in Headphones, August 2005, Issue 200.

 E-Man - Slangin (Remixes)E-MAN

Jellybean Soul Records

From the Jellybean Soul label comes another hot track for summer. Originally produced by E-man and Jon Cutler (remember the duo worked on “It’s Yours” for Chez Music), this latest mix consist of the expert help of Marlon D and Tedd Patterson (did you catch him last month in SLC?). Scat vocals, lively percussion, jazz-tinged organ and Latin guitars over heavy MAW beats; this one is right up tribal-soul way. It includes four tracks of remixes: Marlon D’s Organ Mix, Marl’s Peak Beats, Tedd Patterson’s Edit, and an a capella.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, September 2004, Issue 189.

Kiko Navarro Feat. Marcel - M.U.S.I.C


(Bubble Soul Re-Edits Volume 1.) = (Jay-J/Marquez/David Gomez/DJ Pippi)
Bubble Soul Records


Pachas’ very own Kiko Navarro, doing it again. Featuring the words of Marcel, “Music” is by far one of the choicest spoken-word tracks to date! Varying from each mix, this 3-tracker carries organ stabs and synth sweeps to jazzy keys and soulful sax, all overlaying a bumpin’ Kiko groove. Receiving major applause from Ben Watt, Tedd Patterson and Spen & Halo, make sure it’s at the front of your DJ box!


Next up, “Bubble Soul Re-edits V.1,” which includes two highly sought-after jewels from the label’s treasure chest. First off is “Vibrations,” originally produced by D.Marquez, its tart, percussive beats and Rhodes stabs add style, while completed by catchy vocals that give an instant addiction—it simply oozes sex appeal. The B-side is Chris Lum’s “Smack Up.” In an upbeat and bumpin’ tribal affair, this Marquez/Gomez funky and chunky Re-edit (of DJ Pippi/IKL) is the extra drive and energy you’re looking to give your dance floor. Thank you, Josep for the support.


This review originally appeared in Headphones, January 2005, Issue 193.

DJ Rupert 2DJ Rupert
Nutwood EP

Swing City

Another hit release is out this season from the Swing City boys. This time, label DJ Rupert presents his scholar styles and unique expression of sounds. Rhyme and Rhythm, this EP brings us back to character- and quality-defining house music. Featuring “Bring us Back,” a bass-driven, disco-funk flavored number, and B-side “Get High,” with its cool San-Franny feel, this EP is perfect for hot summer eves. Breezy and steamy in production, these two, combined with the “Get High Tool,” can regain the dance floor and maintain the beat.
This review originally appeared in Headphones, August 2005, Issue 200.

 Groove Junkies Feat. Solara - Sunshine


MoreHouse Records

Thank the lord for the Groove Junkies! Finally, the highly anticipated follow-up to the smash hit “Deeper” is here—no more worries. Once again, it’s the season for some of the best releases to be produced and this is in my top five. Featuring the sexy and fun vocals of Solara (also featured on “Deeper”), this Latin-soul lover of a track keeps it feeling real and exciting. I have been waiting for a track such as this to drop in the midst of serious house music. Piano, classic GJ bass and kits—plan on having this one in your bag! It includes four tracks: GJ’s Nueva soul mix, Badaba tool, Soul Excursion dub, and soul reprise—why haven’t you picked it up yet? Thanks to Leneth and Evan for this one!


This review originally appeared in Headphones, September 2004, Issue 189.