Author: Sean Poorman

Night Sweats
Rest 30 Records
Street: 01.16
Night Sweats = Joy Division + Iggy Pop + The Sisters Of Mercy
It’s a shame that Night Sweats disbanded as early as they did because the music left behind is just so fucking good. The brand of new wave mixed with jazz that they were able to put together put a lot of live acts to shame and made the group stand out in a sea of electronic-mixed projects. But they’re done, so all we can do is enjoy what’s been left behind, which band member David Payne graciously put together in this unofficial debut, full-length album. This is a blend of several elements, the primary being the four tracks of the 2013 EP Red, some live material bootlegged from soundboard recordings and material recorded in studio that wasn’t quite finished. But that’s OK, because with a band of this quality and musicianship, everything sounds like it was perfected on the first take. –Sean Poorman

Uncle Scam
Fly Free
Street: 03.16
Uncle Scam = Collective Soul + Veruca Salt + Red Hot Chili Peppers
Despite parting ways with their rhythm section in late 2011, the remaining members of Uncle Scam pressed on as a duo, working with session musicians to put together this full-length album one track at a time. Compared to the rest of their catalogue, Fly Free actually takes some risks on the lyrical front, showing frontwoman Ischa B’s talent in hitting the vein of emotional wreckage. Musically, the band hasn’t grown beyond their bar-rock origins, which in many ways turns what would be powerful ballads and rock numbers into dismissible radio jargon you’d find playing on a mid-day shift. Aside from Raffi Shahinian’s experimentation as a guitarist, the band’s sound as a whole hasn’t progressed much beyond emulating mid-’90s beats and riffs. But, if they’re more comfortable playing a genre gone by, let them run with it! For all we know, they’ll help bring it back.