Beer Reviews – November 2008

The Germans know their shit when it comes to beer. When U.S. brewers make beers styled off of these age-tested brews, it proves their skilled abilities in the art of craft brewing. Lucky for us, we have the best damn brewers in the nation to front this killer German styling.

Roggen Rock
Brewery: RedRock
Abv: 4 r> Average Price: $ 4.50
Size: Pint / Growler / Pitcher
Rating: ****

Description: This rye beer comes off the tap in a deep straw color with a flawless white head. The aromatics are subtle and so is the beer itself. There are hints of rye characteristics, yeasty fruit and some very soft hop characteristics. The taste reveals very light amounts of rye spiciness, with a grassy hop and fruity undertone that make this a very easy drinking brew.

Overview: Cast these brewers in bronze and we’ll see if we cannot replace the angel Moroni with them. In all seriousness, the rye beer is seldom seen nowadays, so if you want a decent representation of the style, check this guy out. And if you have not yet gotten your fix of the German-styled ales, be sure to hit up RedRock’s locations as soon as you read this because they currently feature a whole line-up of quality German brews.

Where to Find: Only on tap at RedRock locations on a rotating release.

Monkey’s Dunkel
Brewery: Squatters
Abv: 4 r> Price: $ 5.00
Size: Pint/ Growler / Pitcher
Rating: ****

Description: This brew pours off the tap in a deep amber color with ruby highlights and an off-white head that recedes pretty fast. What’s left is a magnificent brew that has a rich, malty aroma paired with small amounts of roasty chocolate and butter. The flavor reflects malty sweet tones, lightly roasted hints and finishes dry with next to no hop characteristics.

Overview: From the mind of Jason Stock, assistant brewer to Jenny Talley at Squatters, this is his first recipe to be launched under the Squatters label. I am stoked to see anything else that Stock wants to throw at us. Cheers, Jason! This brew is a keeper for sure, and will taste killer with any smoked dish.

Where to Find: This is only found at Squatters locations on tap. (Limited release)

All the Way Alt
Brewery: Desert Edge Brewery
Abv: 4 r> Price: $ 3.75
Size: Pint / Growler / Pitcher
Rating: **** 

Description: This brew pours deep amber, almost chestnut in color, with a medium sized head that recedes quickly. Similar to the taste, the aroma has a lot of sweet malts and a roasty undertone that leads into a lemony hop aroma. With subdued hop bitterness, and the lightest amount of roasty characters, this beer makes itself a ridiculously smooth drink.

Overview: This alt has proved to be one of my new favorites to come out of The Pub, and their beers seem to constantly improve. A new edition to Desert Edge, Dave Watson is showing only to be a complement to Brewmaster Chris Haas’ team. As a recent update, this brew just took a bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Cheers, guys!

Where to Find: This is only available at Desert Edge Brewery, so get your ass down there.