Beer Reviews – November 2010

With Halloween just passed and that neo-fascist holiday of Thanksgiving coming up, I figured why not review some of that crazy spiced, chocolate, pumpkin shit that everyone raves about. I love to see those crazy styles hitting the Utah craft scene, and with other breweries like Dogfish Head, New Belgium and Stone busting out all that funky shit, I say it’s time for Utah breweries to put our state on the map—throw whatever the hell you can into the bunch. On to the beer.

Brainless on Peaches
Brewery/Brand: Epic Brewing Co.
ABV: 10.5 %
Serving Style: 22 oz Bomber
Description: This version of Epic’s Brainless pours a soft, hazy yellow with a medium white head. The aroma opens up to some vinous characters of tart peaches, sweet fruit and Belgian yeast. The flavor leads into dry wine-like characteristics, peaches and some soft accents of their original Brainless in the background.
Overview: This version of their award-winning Brainless Belgian was aged in oak with some peach puree. This not only upped the alcohol content, but changed the entirety of the beer. The white-wine characteristics of the barrel added not only a fruity Belgian, but a wine-like substance too. I would kill to see this version done with some local Brigham City peaches, keeping it a true local, but hell, I won’t bitch. It’s too damn good.

Cocoa Porter
Brewery/Brand: Squatters Brewing Company
ABV: 4.0 %
Serving Style: Nitro-Tap
Description: This seasonal porter came off the tap deep black/brown with ruby highlights and an off white head. The aroma was mild with hints of roast, chocolate (of course) and a light caramel sweetness. The flavor led into a rounded roast character, a dry chocolate and finished dry.
Overview: This easy-drinking porter was a killer partner for Squatters Beer-A-Misu. Those dry cocoa accents were just enough to keep me drinking more and not be overpowered by chocolate unlike some other commercial examples of cocoa beer.

Brewery/Brand: Four +/Uinta Brewing Company
ABV: 4.0 %
Serving Style: 12 oz Bottle
Description: With a clear pour, this amber-colored ale’s aroma opens up into light pumpkin (no shit), citrus, allspice, nutmeg, maybe some carrot-cake sweetness and malt. The taste was mild, reflecting the aroma with a balance of seasonal spices, roasted/caramel notes and balanced malt sweetness.
Overview: What I like most about this beer is its subtle, sessionable drinkability for a spiced beer. Where other breweries go for that over-the-top, fuck-you-in-the-face-with-Christmas flavor, this one is crisp, clean and flawless. Cheers, Uinta!