Something New


Comics really aren’t just for kids anymore.

The comics media may have received a huge boost in the arm from “Batcrap,” er “batman,” but not all of us comic fans are taken by Spandex superheroes.

In local specialty shops, especially Cottonwood Mall’s Night Flight Comics, you can find books catering to just about any taste—horny old men, music fans, science fiction goobers, warmongers, peace freaks and radical feminists.

Without much more dilly-dallying, here’s a list of stuff you might find cool.



  1. Dave Sim’s “Cerebus.” More than just the sword-and-sorcery parody it began as —politics, sex, humor and philosophy all in one convenient package.
  2. Peter Bagge’s “Hate.” A continuation of Bagge’s brutal Bradleys strip, which made “The Simpsons” look like “The Waltons.”
  3. “Deadline.” A collection of truly hip British strip, including superb Tank Girl.
  4. Scott McCloud’s ‘Zot!” What began as a superhero daring-do is now an insightful exploration into middle class America, especially its teenagers.
  5. Daniel Clowes’ “Eightball.” Sick, sick, sick humor that goes David Lynch one or two further.

Sleeper: Evan Dorkin’s “Pirate Corp$!” Ska, robots, humor, sex and more. Besides, Evan’s a pal of mine.

Graphic Novels:

  1. Kyle Baker’s “Why I Hate Saturn.” Just do yourself a favor and try it, especially before CBS turns it into shitty sitcom (really).
  2. Peter Bagge’s “Junior and Other Losers.” Belly-shaking comics from the sadly defunct “Neat Stuff” magazine.
  3. Garth Ennis and John McCrea’s “Troubled Souls.” What’s REALLY going on in Ireland.
  4. Chester Brown’s “Ed the Happy Clown.” Truly twisted strips a Canadian madman who’s taken up onanism as his new hobby.
  5. Marc Hempel’s “Gregory.” Morey Ansterdam could make a grown man crazy…

Sleeper: Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s “Zenith” books. Truly Nietzschean superheroes.

Trust me. Try ‘em, you’ll like ‘em. By the way, tell Mimi at Nightflight that I sent you … or bring down the wrath of the Just-Us Lodge Zion on all your heads. 


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