Harm Farm band members

Concert Review: Harm Farm


Anyone that got to see Harm Farm live at The Bar & Grill was lucky. Bands that are this cool only play at 21 and over clubs. These guys rocked the 15 people that bothered to show up. Dinosaur Bones rocked as well. This was a perfect match for rock ‘n’ roll. Harm Farm sounds like a blend of Camper Van and Nirvana. Funny, their old violinist was Morgan Fichter (ex-new Camper Van violinist). They were also cool enough to play a second time at The Pompadour. It was a shame that all of the four The Love of Mary fans left before Harm Farm. That was their loss because Harm Farm blew them and Boxcar Kids away—these guys rule—if you missed them … you fucked up. 

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