I’ve been riding BMX for over half my life, but before the day we shot these photos, I had never had a chance to ride an empty swimming pool. Peder had been cruising around with us for a while and I had discussed wanting to shoot some photos at a new spot that hadn’t been seen before.  Peder brought up this pool tucked away in SLC, so we rolled up to it to check it out. As soon as I checked out the setting, I knew it was a spot with a lot of potential. Peder and I made plans to come back on an early Saturday morning and get something while the inhabitants of the surrounding apartments were still asleep.
The day we met up, it was raining and the deep end was filled with about a foot of gross swamp water that Peder managed to scoop out with a small cup he’d found. After losing his bike into the muck a couple times, Peder managed to get a few dialed carves over the light in the deep end and we dipped before anyone caught us.