Katchup – August 2004


“We look forward to a national debate on the merits of what we have recommended, and we will participate vigorously in that debate.” –The 9/11 Commission Report Political agendas these days are selling faster than 25-cent lemonade from future entrepreneurs. Everyday, everywhere, we are engulfed by politiks (“tell me your politik and open up your eyes”) ranging from the left (Fahrenheit 9/11), the right (Fox News) or down the independent middle (Nader, are you out there?). The smear on human in civilization is not going to go away until Nov. 6, if everyone does his or her part. So either find out how you can get involved or continue to chew your cud on the sidelines. If your book club membership has run out, go out and buy the 9/11 Report for a mere $10. Read up!

So it goes.

On July 31, Binary hosted its first mini-ramp champ contest. First place received a cash prize of $500. Check out the results below in this month Katchup.

SLUG’s Summer of Death – Jordan Park Results

1. Mike Plumb
2. Lance Harris
3. Ben Page

1. Arturo De Le Pae
2. Holland Redd
3. Troy Vialpando

1. Brandon Augayo
2. Richard Tran
3. Temkye Farageh

1. Summer Dean
2. Stacey Earle
3. Haili Richter

If all the wars and rumors of wars are too much for you, grab your skate deck and iPod for the next SLUG Summer of Death skate contest at the Ogden Skate Park. Teaming up with 2612 with live music from AK-Charlie and Skint, Aug. 7 will be a kickin’ good time.

Last month, Warped Tour Celebrated 10 years of heat stroke, punk rock and free body stencils. If you chose to brave the day, then you were selectively bombarded by anti-propaganda. NOFX lead the charge with their Rock Against Bush album and Punkvoter.com. So now, everybody sing, “The idiot son of an asshole!” Log on to www.musicforamerica.org and register to vote to get actively involved. Now go rock out to your new Freshman of the Year CD.

Osiris team will be rolling through town Aug. 21 for a demo at Binary.

SABATHON is Sunday, Aug. 22 at In the Venue. Don’t miss this local band fundraiser featuring 13 bands from 2p.m.to midnight. All proceeds go towards www.musicforamerica.org. It is all ages and a great chance to check out some local music, especially if you are underage. Bands scheduled to play are Cherem, Her Candane, Le Force, Mörlocks, Pushing Up Daises, Redemption, Rope or Bullets, The Rubes, Smashy Smashy, Spanky Van Dyke, Starmy, Thunderfist and the Unlucky Boys.