Author: Josh Scheuerman

Here’s your Katchup for September! Peep the pic of the Red Bull Inland Wake Skate Session held on Aug. 30th at the Gallivan Center. Kampus team rider Clint Tompkins slides up a wet, slippery piece of lumber while a couple of hotties check out his…mad steez. Fellow riders Lief Erkkila and champ Phillip Bassino were also on hand. Check out Alliance Magazine’s January issue for full coverage of wake skating in Utah’s lakes, ponds and ice rinks. “Let’s drink a Damn to the Halter, lads, and them that lives to wear it”–Bartholomew Roberts (Captain Jolly Roger)

“Come bucko let me spin ye a tale.”

Mark your calendar for September 19 for International Talk Like a Pirate For myself and most of you out there, this will be a first to speak of. Let it continue to be a tradition with us mates.

The “Sturgis of skateboarding” passed through the boarders of out fair state last month. Thrasher Magazine hosted their yearly scavenger hunt where they had to find an unskated pool in Utah, besides the Ogden pool. Every member of the hunt had to get a trick (even the cameraman) before declaring victory and collecting the booty. Look in Thrasher for the King of the Road photo featuring Utah coverage.

September 4: Binary Skatepark is hosting the SLUG Summer Of Death Finals. The top five winners from the last three contests (Park City, Jordan, Ogden) will compete. The overall winner of the series will be blinging with a new watch from Nixon and enough swag to last the winter through. 12577 S 265 W. If you get lost call 495-0992. Live music from The Rubes.

The following Monday after the contest is the ever-popular Labor Day. We are so worked as American’s we found it necessary to make a holiday for sitting around watching American Idol, wondering why all the liquor stores are closed.

The weekend of September 17 has plenty to wet the appetite.

As crispness falls into the air and the jackets are coming out of the closets, the snowboarding community is releasing the latest movies in the sport. Several made history here in the mountains while others made history in our streets and on our cities rails. Here is a break down of the places to catch the latest flicks hosted by MILO. New site up and running

Mackdawg’s Chulksmack and Defective Films: Positron
September 16th @ 5PM and 7PM
Jordan Commons (9400 S State)

Milosport and Bonfire: Afterlame and Moment of Truth
September 17th @ 5PM and 7PM
Jordan Commons (9400 S State)

Mikey LeBlanc and Kids Know Productions: Love/Hate and Positron
Saturday, September 18th @ 5PM and 7PM
The Gateway Theatres (165 S Rio Grande St.)

After the premiers on Sept. 17 Gibby Haynes and the Problems live at Urban Lounge, brought to you by Alex Woodruff and Mike Sartian. Gibby is the former lead singer of The Butthole Surferes and is sure to entertain.

Finally, The Pixies will be playing a sold-out show at Kingsbury Hall on September 28 after reuniting earlier this year. They’re on the verge of releasing new material as a group and after seeing their reunion show at Coachella, I hope you have not slept through a chance to buy tickets. I’m sure you’ll here a dedication and salute to Palace of the Brine. Briny Deep indeed.

For more information on the scene and what is going on check out SLUG Magazine’s updated site.

SLUG Mag’s Summer of Death Skate Series Ogden Results:

1. Brandon Aguayo
2. Alex Wankier
3. Chase Herrera
4. Max Bradshaw
5. Derek Hooker

1. Mike Zanelli
2. Tyson Bowerbank
3. Temkye Feragen
4. Colton Woods
5. Dave Legarra Jr.

1. Jerimiah from Ogden
2. Sam Hubble
3. Levi Faust
4. Lance Harris
5. Landon Gidson

The 2004-2005 season has already surpassed the highest avalanche death total since keeping track in 1951. The heavy snow conditions for the months of December and January where prone to natural and unnatural slides triggered in the backcountry. This week, January 31-Febuary 6 is Backcountry Awareness Week, whose purpose is to familiarize the general public with safety in the snow, whether it be on skis, snowboard, split board or snowshoes. “Know Before You Go” is the motto and educational tool used when dealing with the elements and their potential hazards. The Utah Avalanche Center is partnering with Snowbird Ski Resort and will be hosting a fund raising dinner at The Cliff Lodge Ballroom on Friday, February 4 – Speakers include David Breashears (climber and IMAX cinematographer), Apa Sherpa (world holder 14 Everest Summits) and Lhakpa Rita (World Famous Climber). Silent Auction for the night and full day events for Saturday and Sunday.Thanks to Benny and Milosport for hosting two avalanche classes last month in Orem and Park City. Speakers from the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center, Cameron Carpenter (local snowboarder), Brett “Cowboy” Kobernick (Split Board Inventor) and appearances by local pro snowboarders.


February 5 – Winterfest at Park City Mountain Resort – Freestyle Snowmobile Exhibition, live music, BBQ and Amstel Light Beer Garden. All activities are free to the public and will take place at the base of the skiway (near the First Time lift): Freestyle Snowmobile Exhibition featuring Slednecks riders at 3:30-4:30 pm, International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race at 6:00 pm-7:30 pm, Fireworks in the Eagle Race arena at approximately 8:00 pm


February 12 – Vertical Express MS Fundraiser – Solitude Ski Resort – Chances are you or someone you know is one of the 400,000 Americans affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). I know I am. The Heuga Center, a charity MS organization based in Edwards, Colorado has announced that on Saturday, February 12, 2005, 22 resorts nationwide are holding the Vertical Express for MS event. To participate, individuals or teams can register in advance of the event or on-site Saturday, February 12, at Solitude Ski Resort. Everyone who skis or rides, or has a vested interest in supporting programming for people living with MS and their families is invited to take part in the event. Participants can expect a full day of celebration, including interactive activities, après parties and prizes. All donations are welcome; those of $100 or more will get you a lift ticket and event gifts. To learn more about The Heuga Center, visit, or call 1-888-DO-IT-4MS.


February 12 – OP Girls Learn To Ride Clinic – Park City Mountain Resort and Brian Head Resort – There have already been a few female-only Learn to Ride clinics and there are a few coming in the months ahead, so stay tuned. The clinics are designed for girls that have little or no experience with snowboarding and include equipment rental, lift ticket, instruction and surprises. Cost: $62


* 2 hour beginners snowboard lesson
* Lift ticket for lower mountain
* Snowboard & boot rental
* Op Girls Learn To Ride gift bag
* A donation to Boarding For Breast Cancer


The Junk Show – Brighton Ski Resort
The Junk Show – Brighton Ski Resort

February 12 – Volcom Stone’s Peanut Butter and Rail Jam—Park City Mountain Resort – Think about all those nights laid out watching Transformers eating Peanut Butter Sandwiches as a kid. Re-live all those special moments at the year’s best free contest. With two divisions, -16 or +17 and only 30 participants per division, it’s a sure sell out. Located on the Pick-N-Shovel Park at 10:00. Check out for more information and news from the stone.


February 12- The Canyons Rail Jam – The Canyons will be putting on a rail jam, a wild event that will test the abilities of both skiers and boarders. Contestants will be judged on their every move, trick, grab or rail slide. The Canyons Rail Jam will be held in the SoBe Terrain Park, located off the Sun Peak Express (formerly known as Snow Canyon Express)


February 1 – Brian Head
$10 Tuesday
All-day lift tickets only $10 per person!


February 8 – Brian Head
$10 Tuesday
All-day lift tickets only $10 per person!


February 15 – Brian Head
$10 Tuesday
All-day lift tickets only $10 per person!


February 19 – Annual Presidents Day Weekend Fireworks & Torchlight Parade – Brian Head Celebrate all the old presidents who weren’t idiots with our famous pyrotechnic party, starting after dark at Giant Steps Lodge.


February 4-5 – Powder Mountain Resort – Special Olympics Alpine Races – Powder Mountain will host the Special Olympics Alpine Races at the Sundown Lift area.


February 12 – Powder Mountain Resort – Powder Mountain will be one of four resorts hosting competitions for the Wasatch Freeride Tour. The Terrain Park at the Sundown Lift will be the only site on the tour offering a nighttime contest. Registration for the competition is $25. For more information on the Wasatch Freeride Tour, call 1-801-541-3317


February 19 – The Winter Jam – Powder Mountain – The Winter Jam is held at the Hidden Lake half pipe and is open to anyone with a Powder Mountain lift pass. All ages and all abilities are invited to try out their skills on the half pipe. Burton and Blindside are donating prizes for participants. Music by Sallad Productions, barbecue and snowskate demos round out the festival.


February 26 – The Junk Show – Brighton Ski Resort – The first in the SLUG Games Series will take place on Mt. Millicent at Brighton, UT. Inspired by Mack Dawg’s yearly photo shoot at Mammoth, this year we are opening the junkyard to the public with one-of-a-kind rails that will appear the day of the contest. This contest will push competitors to be inventive to win out the prizes in a jam format. Register the day of the contest at the Millicent Chalet at 8-9 am. Cost is $25 with season pass and $35 w/ out. More information at

Josh Madsen is a 26-year-old Pro Telemark Skier. He has been living in Utah for more than 10 years and has been telemark skiing for 12 years. Recently, in-between a filming trip to Austria with the Line Ski Team and a road trip to British Columbia with friends to go heli skiing, I had the chance to spend two days at Brighton Ski Resort riding with Josh, talking about telemark history and culture while being blown away watching what he proves is capable with free heel skis. Leaving out the late night party details and chilling in the trees, here is a brief run down of our encounter.

The word “ski” is a Norwegian word which comes from the Old Norse word “skid,” a split length of wood or “a piece of wood of the most seasoned part of the trunk.” The invention of the skis can be traced back to 4000-2500 B.C. in northern Scandinavia, between Lake Onega and the White Sea. In Norway alone they have been skiing for more than 4,000 years. Skis were initially invented as locomotion between villages and to meet for festivals. The bindings had to be mobile but strong to cross the large snowfields of the continent. In the middle of the 19th century, a carpenter by the name of Sondres Norheim who lived in the region of Telemark, Norway began to develop various ways of stopping and changing directions by using a single piece of wood. In 1868 he impressed and surprised the audience and his competitors when he participated in the first national skiing competition in Norway, held in the capital Christiania (now Oslo). People in Christiania had heard about this extraordinary skier, and Sondre turned out to be the legend. At Iversløkken, Sondres demonstrated – for the first time outside Telemark – the Telemark turn, called the Christiana turn since 1901. Sondres was using heel bindings, and he had shorter skis with curved sides. Other participants used the common toe bindings. The 42-year-old Sondre won with brilliance. Newspapers reported, “It was the winner of the 1st prize who excelled over all the other competitors. He had such a remarkable style of skiing that one would think he had been born to it, and that it was his natural way of moving around.” The performance at Iversløkken was a major breakthrough for Sondres and the new style of skiing. This middle-aged man, the poor cotter from the countryside, demonstrating for everyone what an innovative representing something totally new, overwhelmed people. Sondre has been credited for having invented the curved skis, the bindings with stiff heel bands made of willow, the Telemark turn and the Christiania turn. This is why he has been called the Father of Modern Skiing. “Modern” is referring to the use of skis as a recreation activity and in sports.

During the late 19th century, skiing changed from a method of transportation into a sports activity.

The competition held at Iversløkken, Christiania in 1868 is regarded as a turning point and the beginning of a new era—it was a breakthrough for skiing as a sport in the capital of Norway, and a breakthrough that had an international effect. With this new development came the possibility to face the mountains, which ultimately lead to the development from cross-country skis to downhill skis and ultimately the alpine skis. The Telemark ski disappeared from the Alps and the limelight returned to Norway, where it remained popular. A small group of Americans resurrected the telemark ski because of its versatility between long cross-country, alpine downhill and ski jumping.

Telemark skiing is the grandfather of what skiing has become. The first turns were used bending the knees like the Telemark Turn, which gave birth to the alpine ski, which in turn would influence the birth of snowboarding.



When Telemark Skiing was first invented it was never expected to become a global sport. This lost art of Telemark skiing was revived by some pioneers of skiing in Crested Butte, CO in the early 70s by looking at pictures of the old technology and adapting their alpine skis to become free heeled skis. One of the followers of such pioneers, Josh Madsen, grew up skiing in Vail, CO and tried snowboarding for a few years before finding out about Telemarking. At the age of 14, while in a local library, Josh read about Telemark skiing and had seen a few of those men out hiking and skiing with controlled knee-bending turns. The similarities at the time between snowboarding and Telemarking were numerous. Telemarking had a re-birth in the 70’s while snowboarding was in the infant stages of becoming a new sport. Each sport has subsequently been banned from resorts because it rivaled the Alpine skier for mountain space, traffic and control. A technical malfunction was the stereotypical reason for the prejudice that denied each sport on the lifts although injuries have been attributed to all sports and all equipment that has ever been on a mountain.

There is a bond today between Telemarkers similar to the one snowboarders had in the mid 80’s when they saw other snowboarders out on the slopes or hiking. At Telemark contests lately, the crowds gather to see new tricks and technology similar to the early Burton contest where Brushie would pull from his new bag of tricks. There are specific magazines, Telemark Skier, and movie companies, Up Productions, as well as websites, and, that Josh Madsen funds and operates. The re-birth of the first winter sport seems to have been a long time running, but Josh feels like it’s time to bring it back to the public and introduce it to a younger, hungrier generation. “The equipment is now available and better than ever. I want the sport to have the superstars and progress to the next generation of skiers. It’s time.”

Josh gets hooked up from Karhu, Nike ACG, Scarpa, Devale, Voile, Smith and Park City Mountain Resort.

Events for January
Friday, Jan 14th Salt Lake City, UT w/ Total Telemark Tour Brewvies

Sunday, Jan 16th Jackson Hole, WY w/ Total Telemark Tour

Friday, Jan 21st Copper Mtn, CO w/ Telemark Nationals

Talk of how to not die, how to win stuff by being a good snowboarder and how to learn to ride if you’re a girl.

[Jessica Dalpiaz]I wanted to start out talking about the very basic, but essential safety that comes with skiing and snowboarding and the risks of Terrain Parks and Avalanches.

Each resort of Utah is taking steps to improve upon their existing Terrain Parks by making them safer, but also bigger so I wanted to touch base about Burtons Smart Style program designed by the National Ski Areas Association and Burton to promote safe riding in all conditions. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to familiarize YOURSELF with all instructions and warnings and to follow “YOUR RESPONSIBILITY CODE” before entering any Terrain Park.

1. Freestyle Terrain contains man-made and natural terrain variations.
2. Freestyle Terrain changes constantly due to weather and use
3. Inspect Freestyle Terrain before using and throughout the day.
4. In jumping and using the terrain, you assume the risk of serious injury.
5. Be courteous and respect others.
6. One user on a Terrain feature at a time.
7. Look Before You Leap! (Never jump blindly – use a spotter when necessary)
8. Always ride or ski in control and within your ability.

Milosport is hosting two backcountry/avalanche awareness sessions at different locations to get the word out about safe backcountry riding.


January 7 @ Milosport in Orem, UT at 7 pm
January 21 @ Milosport in Park City, UT at 7 pm
The classes are free and should last about 1 1/2 hours.
Presenters include a professional from the Utah Avalanche Forecast Center, Cameron Carpenter (local snowboarder), Brett “Cowboy” Kobernick (Split Board Inventor) and appearances by local pro snowboarders. Free prizes and raffle for showing up and learning how to save yourself and others.
Backcountry Awareness Week January 31 – February 6 2005

Roxy Chicken Jam at Park City, Utah Dec. 17-18, 2004
Roxy Chicken Jam at Park City, Utah Dec. 17-18, 2004

The first of the season’s snowboard contests are about to drop; The King Of The Wasatch, Forum Youngblood and The SLUG Games. January 8 – Brighton Ski Resort will be hosting the annual BBQ Benefit Rail Jam on Mt. Millicent. The day event is a fund-raiser for a local charity with BBQ, rail jam, prizes and free shwag to all contestants. Said to be the event of the year by insiders, be sure to check out information as it’s available at USASA Intermountain Snowboard Series

January 8-9 – The King Of The Wasatch is running their sixth year at Park City Mountain at the Pick-N-Shovel Park. This two-day event is both slopestyle/halfpipe with two divisions in a jam format to determine the winner.
January 15-16 – Later the same month Snowbird will be hosting the same event/format.
Register online at or Limited day-of registration!
January 29 – Forum Youngblood Contest Series

Last year Park City local Dave Manoa took the whole series to the bank winning every Youngblood placed before his terrifying switch boardslides. This year the warriors will meet at the Pick-N-Shovel Park at 10 am to throw the gauntlet down. There should be plenty of talent to battle royal.

The SLUG Games 2005

February 19 – Junk Yard Jam is the first in the series will be kicking off with the rail contest on Mt. Millicent @ Brighton, UT. Didn’t you ever want to ride Mack Dawg’s constructions you see all the pros’ in the movies rockin? Now you will be able to do the same.

March 19 – Cammy Potter Memorial Slopestyle contest @ Park City Mountain Resort hosted at the Pick-N-Shovel Park. Contest starts at 10 am.
April – 9 Meltdown Slopstyle @ Brighton Ski Resort five years running, the last contest of the season is always a sellout with some of the best prizes of the year.
April – 30 Rail The Venue @ In The Venue, Salt Lake City. Located just a few blocks from last years Red Bull Heavy Metal contest, the finale for the SLUG Games will be hosted inside Bricks with live bands and a party to finish the season off.

Women Only Clinics

Women’s Ski & Snowboard Camps

January 16-20 – This women only camp is hosted at Snowbird and is open to girls who would like to improve their overall riding skills on all terrain. More information can be found at January 22 – OP Girls Learn To Ride Clinic is an introductory snowboarding clinic for girls and women who have little or no experience. The lesson includes everything you need for a full day on the slopes: instruction by top instructors, equipment rental, lift ticket and prizes. The cost is $62 that includes 2 hour snowboard lessons, lift ticket, rentals, gift bag and donations made to Boarding For Breast Cancer. Visit
March 19, 23 April 2 – Camp SLUG @ Brighton. This is kind of jumping the gun, but this camp will cost $125 for the three days, rental and $10 off the Meltdown contest on April 9. More info is on the way or call 532-4731 ext. 234.

January 21 – 23 – Burton Super Demo Tour @ Park City Mountain Resort is an interactive and entertaining demo experience that includes: the Burton Lounge, the Burton Demo area, give-away and interactive booths. Try out new boards and gear for free. Ride like Romain for a day.
February 2-6 – U.S. Freeskiing Nationals eight years running at Snowbird, the U.S. Freeskiing Nationals and Skiercross is the top extreme event at the Bird with each day drastically raising the bar of gnar. Venues will be announced each morning. Schedule is as follows
February 1 On-site registration Alpine Room, Snowbird Center
February 2 1-day Skiercross Gad Valley
February 3 Qualifier venues announced the day before
February 4 World Tour – 1st day venues announced the day before
February 5 World Tour – 2nd day venues announced the day before
February 6 Weather day
The Qualifier and Skiercross are $75 each
The Big Mountain World Tour Event is $175.

Register on-line at

Check out for a rundown of last year’s event

“We look forward to a national debate on the merits of what we have recommended, and we will participate vigorously in that debate.” –The 9/11 Commission Report Political agendas these days are selling faster than 25-cent lemonade from future entrepreneurs. Everyday, everywhere, we are engulfed by politiks (“tell me your politik and open up your eyes”) ranging from the left (Fahrenheit 9/11), the right (Fox News) or down the independent middle (Nader, are you out there?). The smear on human in civilization is not going to go away until Nov. 6, if everyone does his or her part. So either find out how you can get involved or continue to chew your cud on the sidelines. If your book club membership has run out, go out and buy the 9/11 Report for a mere $10. Read up!

So it goes.

On July 31, Binary hosted its first mini-ramp champ contest. First place received a cash prize of $500. Check out the results below in this month Katchup.

SLUG’s Summer of Death – Jordan Park Results

1. Mike Plumb
2. Lance Harris
3. Ben Page

1. Arturo De Le Pae
2. Holland Redd
3. Troy Vialpando

1. Brandon Augayo
2. Richard Tran
3. Temkye Farageh

1. Summer Dean
2. Stacey Earle
3. Haili Richter

If all the wars and rumors of wars are too much for you, grab your skate deck and iPod for the next SLUG Summer of Death skate contest at the Ogden Skate Park. Teaming up with 2612 with live music from AK-Charlie and Skint, Aug. 7 will be a kickin’ good time.

Last month, Warped Tour Celebrated 10 years of heat stroke, punk rock and free body stencils. If you chose to brave the day, then you were selectively bombarded by anti-propaganda. NOFX lead the charge with their Rock Against Bush album and So now, everybody sing, “The idiot son of an asshole!” Log on to and register to vote to get actively involved. Now go rock out to your new Freshman of the Year CD.

Osiris team will be rolling through town Aug. 21 for a demo at Binary.

SABATHON is Sunday, Aug. 22 at In the Venue. Don’t miss this local band fundraiser featuring 13 bands from midnight. All proceeds go towards It is all ages and a great chance to check out some local music, especially if you are underage. Bands scheduled to play are Cherem, Her Candane, Le Force, Mörlocks, Pushing Up Daises, Redemption, Rope or Bullets, The Rubes, Smashy Smashy, Spanky Van Dyke, Starmy, Thunderfist and the Unlucky Boys.

I thought I would have time to tell you all about tentative opening dates, but most of the time they are wrong, based on early snowfalls (like this year) or warm fronts. I will say that Brighton Ski Resort is OPEN for business (earliest in 15 years) with a new and improved Terrain Park as well as a new Majestic Quad. Can I get a hell yeah?! Let’s katchup!

So without further ado, here are the improvements for U
tah resorts for the ’04-’05 season:

2004/2005 – Tentative Opening Dates:
Alta – Nov. 18
Beaver – no set dates
Brian Head – Nov. 13
Brighton – Oct. 29
The Canyons – Nov. 19
Deer Valley – Dec. 4
Park City Mountain Resort – Nov. 13
Powder Mountain – Nov. 15
Snowbasin – Nov. 15
Snowbird – Nov. 20
Solitude – Nov. 19
Sundance – Dec. 11

That loveable highflying skier who is World Champion officially became legal to attend his own party. Tanner Hall, who was added to Park City Mountain Resorts All Stars celebrated at Club Naked with the premier of WSK1106. One thousand guests were invited to watch the screening projected on the outside of the club with reruns inside and Freeskiing VIP inside. Makes you wish you had a 21 bash to match his.

November 4 – Snow Riders Unite: Party and Photo Contest
The Manhattan in downtown Salt Lake has hosted many parties in its time. They even had Frank Sinatra over for an evening. But on Nov. 4, they will be hosting a party and photo contest. The evening is a two-part party. The first is a party to kick off the season with good people and great prizes. The second is to have a contest for all the local snow photographers and show some of their work to be judged. Borge Andersen is the leading photo development office in Utah and is kicking down $1000, among other prizes, for the first place photo. Ten photos in total will be displayed anonymously and a guest judges will choose a winner.

Sponsored by Babylon Down Entertainment, Burton Snowboards, TechNine, Smith, Red Bull, SLUG magazine, and Park City Mountain Resort.

Improvements for 2004/2005:

ALTA SKI AREA: Things are changing slowly up Little Cottonwood Canyon, but there is progress. This summer Alta replaced the old Collins and Germania lift with a 6,300-foot-long Collins Lift. In addition, Alta opened its first Terrain Park last spring and has since expanded The Park just off the top of the Sunnyside lift and offers small and medium jumps, a luge, a box and four rails.

BEAVER MOUNTAIN: Utah’s best-kept Secret Stash has remodeled the Ski Shop for 2004-05. Also look for more elbowroom off of Beaver’s triple chair, where an extensive widening project has improved the existing runs. Not in the same way the Bush Administration wanted to thin out forest, though.

BRIAN HEAD RESORT: Brian Head has the same elevation as the Wasatch Resorts, but is only three hours away from Las Vegas. Brian Head expanded its freestyle offering for the 2004-05-winter season with three large terrain parks (beginner, intermediate and advanced) featuring over 25 jumps, rails and fun boxes. Riders will also have a 364-foot-long, 12-foot-high half-pipe available. Tools and benches are placed at the top of lifts for easy tweaking before your run.

Remember the two-man chair that ran over the Brighton Terrain Park that almost executed our buddy who wasn’t paying attention while loading? Well, that cursed chair is now getting ready to take out locals at Big Sky, MO while the new Doppelmayr CTEC fixed-grip quad is ready to whisk riders safer and faster to the top of the Terrain Park this winter. The new lift is named after its predecessor and has been dubbed the “Majestic Quad.” Installed in 1955, Majestic was the first double-chair lift in the intermountain region. The Park is also boasting an additional 15 new rails, lights and short cuts to one of the greatest parks on earth.

THE CANYONS RESORT: The Canyons is so big, there is no way you could ride it all in one, two or three days, but you could give it your best. That’s why The Canyons is offering a “buy two or more days of skiing or riding and get an additional day on the slopes for free.

PARK CITY MOUNTAIN RESORT: Named “Terrain Park of the Year” by Transworld Snowboarding, skiers and riders have plenty of options in the Resort’s terrain parks with more than 50 rails, fun boxes and jumps throughout the parks. The newest park will be built under the lights on Payday run for after-dark riding. The new satellite radio system in the Pick N Shovel Park will be dropping the fattest wax while you’re throwing your sickest steez for the bros. Three of Snowboarder Magazine’s “Top 10 Riders in the World” joined the Park City All Stars team. New to the team, Phenomenon Shaun White and regulator Marc Frank Montoya join veteran Jeremy Jones as members of the impressive team. The All Stars provide input on the Resort’s terrain parks and pipe that help keep Park City Mountain Resort a leader in the industry. This year’s lineup of Park City All Stars include White, Jones, Montoya, Tanner Hall, Pep Fujas, Jessica Dalpiaz, Chris Engelsman, George Oakley, Chris Coulter, John Symms and Ashley Battersby.

SNOWBASIN RESORT: Not one to be left out of the new-school trend, Snowbasin added a superpipe for 2004-05 including the state’s only surface lift dedicated just to pipe users. The 340-foot-long, 17-foot-high superpipe will be located at the bottom of the Wildflower Downhill Course. Snowbasin is also the only resort to have a teeter-totter rail and oriental rugs for welcome mats for snowboarders.

SNOWBIRD SKI & SUMMER RESORT: Yet another superpipe added to Utah’s roster of improvements for 2004-05 at Snowbird. Located on the Big Emma run next to the intermediate Big Emma Terrain Park, the new superpipe is 340 feet long and 50 feet wide with an additional sound system to frighten unsuspecting snow bunnies. It was constructed with dirt over the summer to enable an early opening. Other park and pipe upgrades include improved rails and boxes in the Baby Thunder Terrain Park.

SOLITUDE MOUNTAIN RESORT: Solitude has finally completed The Village at Solitude and improved on hill snowmaking to ensure an early season. With the new village core complete, emphasis for improvement has shifted to the mountain. Preparation this summer for construction in 2005 on a new 12,000-sq.-ft. base lodge and high-speed quad in the Moonbeam area is well under way.

The Tyson Update (From Last Month’s Article)
The planning commission approved Tyson’s ramp; however, there is still one more City Council Meeting on Oct. 27 to give final approval. Tyson just participated in the Globe Wild Card series in Boulder, Col., and won second place in the Grom division. Go Tyson!

As for Utah resort news, ALL resorts are OPEN to the public with the exception of the following, which will be opening shortly. Enjoy katchup!
Deer Valley – Dec. 4
Sundance – Dec. 10
Beaver – no set date

For the month of December, there are also plenty of discounts to be had out there for charities at different resorts. Here are a few chances to help the needy and help your wallet.

Brighton Ski Resort
Feed the Needy- Ride or ski for $10.25 at Brighton on Dec. 15, 2004 when you bring a bag of non-perishable food. Support the Utah Food Bank!
Ride or ski for $10.25 at Brighton on Dec. 8, 2004 when you bring a “Toy for Tots.”

Park City Mountain Resort
Park City Education Foundation Snow Day- PCMR will host a fundraiser for the Park City Education Foundation on Dec. 3, 2004. All proceeds to benefit PCEF. All ticket proceeds will go to the Park City Education Foundation. Lift tickets are $15 if purchased by Dec. 2.

In Utah Terrain Park News, the newest craze for resort purchases this year is going to be making superpipes—supergreat!

Park City Mountain Resort, Brighton, Snowbird, Snowbasin and The Canyons will all have state-of-the-art new halfpipes for the 2004-’05 season.

Snowbird– At 50 feet wide and 345 feet long, this pipe will be featured in the Big Emma Park. Snowbasin- The superpipe will be approximately 340 feet long with 17-foot walls and a 19-degree, or 34 percent, slope. The uniqueness of this pipe is that it is serviced by its own lift and may have its own discount lift ticket.

The Canyons– We have two natural halfpipes open—Hurricane Alley and Tunnel of Fun, both located on Saddleback Express.

So you want to learn how to ride the park or pipe at your favorite resort, but the lift goes right over the park and you don’t want to fall in front of everyone, right? I mean, snowboarding is mostly about image, right?
The Utah Winter Games Learn to Ride program does just that. You can sign up to learn how to ride the pipe like a pro and tackle the meanest rail without wrecking your grill.

Park City Mountain Resort – Located at the Pick-n-Shovel Park on Dec. 4, learn the basic skills in a group format. Pre-registration required: 9:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m., Legacy Lodge Clinic. Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Instructors: Park City Snowboard School. Cost: Free instruction and beginner lift ticket. Bring: Free rental available, or you can bring your own equipment.

Dec. 11 will be the opening of PCMR Pick-n-Shovel Park, voted 2005 Terrain Park of the Year by Transworld Snowboarding magazine. DC Shoes will be rocking the slopes with prizes and handouts.

The Roxy girls have been in town shooting for next year’s catalogs and if you haven’t seen them at your resort hitting tree jibs, catch them Dec. 17-18; Park City Mountain Resort is hosting the Roxy Chicken Jam featuring top female snowboarders in a slopestlye competition.

For the weekend of Dec. 24-25, visit any resort to see Santa shredding the slopes while handing out candy and presents. When the eggnog wears off, head down to Todd’s Bar & Grill for the annual SLUG and Todd’s Christmas Party featuring Callow.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who attended the 2005 SLUG Games Junk Show competition last month at Brighton Ski Resort. The sold-out event (sorry if you didn’t make it in) was held on Mt. Millicent with new Junk Style obstacles that were created the day of the contest courtesy of RedBull.


2005 SLUG Games Junk Show
2005 SLUG Games Junk Show

March 12-13—Park City Mountain Resort will be hosting the 3rd World Superpipe at the Eagle Superpipe March 12-13. This year’s cash prize will be a staggering $90,000 to be distributed among the ripping snowboard and ski princes and princesses. Some of the best riders in the world will be competing this year; standouts include the podium dismantler Antti Autti who stormed X-Games last month with back-to-back 1080s, last year’s winner Keir Dillon Danny Kass and more. If you watched the X-Games skier halfpipe, you’ll notice Simon Dumont way over head with some of the biggest air in history as well as local Park City All Star Tanner Hall trying to keep the money in Utah. The World Superpipe Snowboard Championships will go down Saturday, March 12. The Men’s Skier Contest will follow on Sunday, March 13. The event is free to the public and will feature live music, demo and sponsor village and beer garden. Telecasts of the World Superpipe Contest will air on NBC and its affiliate stations. Park City Mountain


March 19—Park City Mountain Resort will be hosting The SLUG Games, which will make its first appearance with the Cammy Potter Memorial Slopestyle contest. Cammy Potter was a snowboard instructor at PCMR and local resident. This will be a slopestyle format held in the Pick-N-Shovel Park located next to the Eagle Superpipe. A portion of event proceeds will be donated to the Cammy Potter Fund which will be helping future athletes on the Park City Snowboard Team attend summer camps to improve their riding. Register the day of the contest between 8-9 a.m. Call 801-487-9221 for more information.


March 24-27—Jeep King of the Mountain NASTAR National Championships Park City Mountain Resort will host the 2005 Jeep King of the Mountain NASTAR National Championships for three days of competition. To qualify, you must be ranked in the top three in your age & gender category in your division at any participating Jeep King of the Mountain NASTAR resort as of Feb. 22. Hit the slopes today for your chance to win a National Title! Location: Eagle Race Arena, PayDay. Visit for more details.


2005 SLUG Games Junk Show
2005 SLUG Games Junk Show

March 25—Canyons Spring Concert Series: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The only reason I’m offering this information is Modest Mouse collaborated with them on their latest CD, Good News For People Who Love Bad News, and they are from the south. Concert 3-5 p.m. at The Canyons Resort Village. Free concerts in the resort village. Enjoy a day of sun and fun skiing and riding The Canyons, and then kick back in the Village to live music. The Canyons


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