Gabe Spotts – frontside-flip. Photo: Niels Jensen

Skate Photo Feature: Gabe Spotts


Gabe Spotts – Frontside Kickflip – SLC, Utah

If you ride a skateboard in 2017, you’ve no doubt noticed the amount of media presence on any given skate session. Every trick anyone does is constantly being filmed and photographed for social media. This day was no different, as a myriad of people had their phones out to film Gabe Spotts’ frontside flip down this new set of stairs (coincidentally in the exact same spot as another old skateboard spot). It was no surprise that Niels Jensen and I both shot the trick with our cameras (the non-smartphone variety) from two different angles. –Sam Milianta

Gabe Spotts – frontside-flip Photo: Niels Jensen

Gabe Spotts – frontside-flip. Photo: Sam Milianta