Big Business wasted no time showing everyone you can make a wall of sound with just two people. Drummer Coady Willis and Jared Warren on bass and lead vocals kicked off the night with energy to match the crowd. With a killer opening set, they had everyone primed for the sludge kings to follow. Rarely do you see an act walk on stage with such crowd anticipation as Melvins on Sunday night. If you were there, you know. If not, you missed the boat. With Willis and Warren back on stage, Buzz Osborne (King Buzzo!) and Dale Crover continued the heavy onslaught. The set list included old classics as well as newer cuts with reliable Melvins riffs. Drummers Dale Crover and Coady Willis blew the crowd away as they played insanely hard the entire time. The duo of drummers were unreal in the way they complemented each other in such complex way. Osborne didn’t disappoint at all either. Donning a long, heavy paisley cloak, he charged through the set full-steam ahead such that an encore wasn’t even necessary or expected from the crowd. As a t-shirt at the merch table said: “Melvins rule. You do not.” Words have rarely rung so true.

Deng Tear – Backside 180 Late Flip. Photo: Niels Jensen
Deng Tear – Backside 180 Late Flip. Photo: Niels Jensen

SLUG’s sixth incarnation of Summer of Death: Roughside Presented by Monster took place over the past weekend. Roughside is a travelling contest that has mainly centered in the downtown Salt Lake area in the past. This time around, the West Valley/Taylorsville area got some love from some 30-plus skaters eager to win some prizes and huck some tricks.

The spots of the day were: “DIY Spot” at the cultural center, 10-stair at The Maverick Center, West Valley TRAX Station, eight-stair rail at Taylorsville High School, T-ville Skate Park and finally, the awards and product toss hosted by Graywhale. West Valley is much different than Downtown—there aren’t any businessmen in suits or bums tying off in broad daylight. The sidewalks are free of crowds, and the bust factor is minimal.

The DIY Spot was intended for warm-up/registration, but that didn’t stop the growing group of skaters from ripping as hard as they could. Mike Zanelli rattled off plenty of backside maneuvers (50-50, crook, lip and tail) on the concrete kicker to the tall skinny ledge. Jordan Brown had a battle with a noseblunt on the skinny ledge that he finally won as the contest switched to the next spot.

Jordan Brown must have been pretty psyched on that nose blunt because he landed a kickflip at the Maverick Center ten stair within minutes of him and his twin brother Nate showing up to the spot. Deng Tear got himself dizzy after a number of attempts at a backside 360, but in the end, he rolled away with no hand drag. Jose Suitt landed a backside 180 and a shuvit tailgrab. Suitt also had his own battle with a frontside flip that he gave up on due to the crowd congregating to the TRAX station.

Controlled chaos is what was happening at the third stop of the contest. Wherever you looked, tricks were being stomped. The crowd grew from a couple of skaters to a group of hoodlums that could be mistaken for an Occupy movement if they had picket signs instead of boards. One TRAX employee decided to take video of the contest instead of trying to kick out the massive amount of skateboarders taking up the plaza. Plenty of grinds and slides on the handrail and even more tricks down the stair set were landed at the congested spot. Some notable tricks were: tre flip down the set by Jerry Alvarado, blunt to fakie on the handrail by Jose Suitt, and a nose manual firecracker by Eric Ferguson on the steps.

The last spots of the day were Taylorsville High School and T-ville Skatepark where some of the most heavy-hitting bangers went down. Deng Tear landed a back lip on the eight stair rail and ended the day with a heelflip down the four block. Mr. Suitt was able to get some redemption by taking that frontside flip to the side of the blocks and rolled away clean. As Jason “Chedder” Gianchetta directed the crowd to head to Graywhale, he proclaimed, “Be careful when you’re crossing the street—this is West Valley and they don’t give a fuck!”

Third Place went to youngling Deng Tear, who kept it consistent throughout the contest. Brandon Aguayo won Second Place and best trick for a bigspin front boardslide to fakie at T-ville. Aguayo also landed a frontside bigspin down the four block at T-ville, which garnered plenty of applause from the crowd. Last—but actually First—Jose Suitt took top honors for killing it at every spot. SLUG would like to give thanks to all of the sponsors who helped out with Summer of Death: Roughside Presented by Monster: After Dark Skateboards, Blue Plate Diner, Graywhale Entertainment, iNi Cooperative, Jaybird Sport, Milo Sport, Natural Cause Productions, Publik Coffee, Roughneck Hardware, Saga Outerwear and Salty Peaks. See you scum next year.

Photo gallery by Niels Jensen, Sam Milianta and Weston Colton.

SLUG would like to give thanks to all of the sponsors who helped out with Summer of Death: Roughside Presented by Monster:After Dark Skateboards, Blue Plate Diner, Graywhale Entertainment, iNi Cooperative, Jaybird Sport, Milo Sport, Natural Cause Productions, Publik Coffee, Roughneck Hardware, Saga Outerwear and Salty Peaks.


Poor weather threatened to derail the Autumn Aloft event in Park City last weekend, but when it came down to it, the skies cleared and the sun came out to provide a great weekend of flights. Autumn Aloft hasn’t occurred regularly for 20 years, but was back for the second straight year. Pilots from Utah and surrounding states converged on the country club and the fields behind Treasure Mountain Middle School, which are a couple of the remaining places where pilots can still take off and land in the area.


Autumn Aloft started out chilly. Thirty degree temperatures in the shade of the hills soon gave way to a perfect, sunny day with blue skies and calm conditions overall. Ideal conditions for balloon flight. The crowd wasn’t deterred by the early start time or the cold temperatures. They were excited to experience what had been missing for so many years in Park City. The event is a rare one in that the crowd is not separated from the activity. Balloons were inflated feet from where individuals were standing. Pilots had to thread the needle a little to land, but once down, they spent a good deal of time interacting with the kids and adults alike on the ground. You could see the wonder in the eyes of children as the array of colors took off and as the pilots sent streams of fire into balloons to propel them towards the sky. Autumn Aloft was a success by all accounts, which will hopefully keep it alive for years to come.

Signs like this dotted the course for SLUG Games: Fury Road. Photo: Niels Jensen

SLUG Games: Fury Road Presented By Monster Energy has ended, and another happy crowd was served with a great day of shredding, sliding and hucking at Brighton. It all went down at the base of Milly, where the theme “Fury Road” was realized. The riders embraced this theme and took to the obstacles without fear, charging rails and jumps with speed and reckless abandon.

Despite snow in the forecast, the day started out as sunny and bright as could be. Although everyone was stoked and hoped that the perfect conditions would last, the snow did come. With it came the wind, blowing flurries in every direction, which made visibility a little tough at times. Undeterred, riders of all ages made the hike time after time to throw out their best.

SLUG Games: Fury Road Presented By Monster Energy was full of excitement, thanks to everyone who made the event possible. DJ Finale kept everyone motivated, spinning tracks from Minor Threat, De La Soul and more, while all the sponsors (of which there were many who make this event possible) did their part to distract everyone from the cold, handing out energy drinks and other gear.

With divisions for Men and Women 17 & Under 17 and an Open division for those over 17, it is a great event for anyone, and there are definitely plenty of opportunities to place and win something. Super young riders weren’t intimidated by the course, even if it meant doing a few cartwheels on the way down on ill-fated attempts at placing. Things really got going with the Men’s and Women’s Open ski and board, where riders pulled out all the stops to impress the judges and crowd. The course was well thought-out, with obstacles ranging from boxes to bars, and kickers that allowed riders to transfer over or on to parallel elements.

In the end, no one was let down by the amount of talent that was there. So many tricks went down to be hyped on that should keep people stoked for another year.

SLUG Games: Fury Road Presented By Monster Energy would like to thank our sponsors: 4FRNT Skis, CTR Headwear, Freeheel Life Industries LLC, High West Clothing, iNi Cooperative, IZM Apparel, Jaybird Sport, Milo Sport, Monster Energy, Niche Snowboards, Pit Viper, Porcupine Pub, Re-Find Goods, Saga Outerwear, Salty Peaks, Skullcandy and Soulpro.

Congratulations to our contest winners!

17 & Under Women Snow

  1. Maxxie Neves
  2. Lox Neves

17 & Under Men Ski

  1. Nate McCartney
  2. Jack Gardner
  3. Bijon Sherkat

17 & Under Men Snow

  1. Keb Heasley
  2. Royal Reed
  3. Henry Hawkins

Women Open Ski

  1. Marley Rodwick

Women Open Snow

  1. Jess Kelley
  2. Carley Grzebinski
  3. Sora Lee

Men Open Ski

  1. Rory Walsh
  2. Chris Dakovlas
  3. Zach Preobrazhensky

Men Open Snow

  1. Dillon Boeshans
  2. Dillon Guenther
  3. Everest Arnold

Best Trick

  • Trevor Eichelberger – Switch Screamin’ Semen
The VIP Patio at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival offers a photogenic perspective of the KRCL stage and the delicious dinner options along Gallivan Avenue. Photo: John Barkiple

Craft Lake City’s 8th Annual DIY Festival expanded to three days this year, and all of the music, vendors, delicious food and beautiful art could hardly be contained in one weekend. From Friday through Sunday, attendees were able to see, taste, hear and experience new things. Whether that be trying out VR goggles in the Google Fiber STEM Building, getting their (mis)fortune told, having their portrait drawn or seeing all of the amazing things being built/made/crafted by local makers and artisans, attendees weren’t likely to go home without finding something interesting. Craft Lake City’s 2016 DIY Fest was bigger and better than ever before.

Read about some of this year’s performers and exhibitors in our August issue.

Words by Tyson Call (@clancycoop)

Click images to view captions

DIY Fest Day 1 – Aug. 12, 2016

Rachel Molenda // @snowlenda

Jo Savage // @savagedangerwolf

John Barkiple

Willy films Joey Sandoval as he powerslides with a crate. Photo: Niels Jensen

A word of warning: What you are about to view only represents a fraction of the insanity that went down for the Summer of Death Skate Contest: Roughside of the Lens, Presented By Monster Energy, Half and Half Skate Shop and Roughneck Hardware. With 15 teams fanning out across the Salt Lake Valley, it was impossible to cover all teams at all locations. This should provide all the reason in the world to make sure you are at the final unveiling of the video parts and award ceremony, held on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7 p.m. at the University of Utah Post Theater.

Eric Ferguson, Salt Lake City filmer and skater (After Dark Skateboards) is taking on the gargantuan task of compiling and editing all of the day’s footage into what will be something Salt Lake hasn’t yet experienced in the realm of skate contests. Based on the All City Showdown, which has been done in other cities, each team had 8 hours to attack the city. Keeping it street-oriented was a high priority, so everyone had to keep a creative mind, push themselves to do tricks on spots where a lot of tricks have already been done, and do it all on the clock.

I was able to meet up with four to five teams and catch a sliver of what will surely be an incredible local skate video document when all is said and done. Teams were young and old, standard and outside the box, and everything in between.  It was great to see so many from the local skate community together at registration and throughout the city when they would run into each other. A lot of effort was put into the contest from the teams, who made it out from Ogden to Provo.

Johnny Roughneck showed up as his usual self, hyping the crowd before everyone went out for the day. An impromptu award of three cases of Monster Energy drinks went to Dan Hadley as he answered Johnny’s call to no-comply over the cases in the middle of the road. All in all, the day was a success—and the great part is that we still get to look forward to the footage and awards. Stay tuned. –Niels Jensen

Special thanks to our sponsors: Monster Energy, Half and Half Skate Shop, Roughneck Hardware, After Dark Skateboards, Blue Plate Diner, Graywhale, Milosport, Porcupine Pub and Saga Outerwear.

Click images for captions

Team Half & Half took first place. Riders Jordan Vigil and Sam Hubble throw up the Sk8 Mafia sign alongside Nick Hubble and Half & Half shop owner Milton. Photo: Niels Jensen

Folks gathered into the Post Theatre on Saturday, Nov. 19, to watch the epic Rough Side of the Lens premiere, an all-street competition that took place throughout Salt Lake City. The film was stacked full of talented skaters who put on for their city. In the theater room that night, people would raise their drinks and a holler at the screen, cheering for the homies and showing their respect for being so devoted to stomping their lines as properly and aggressively as was shown.

The team that took their seat at first place was team Half and Half. Representing Half and Half are skaters Jordan Vigil, Miles Vigil, Sam Hubble and Nick Hubble. Let’s not forget the dude himself, Milhouse, the owner of Half and Half Skateshop, who was also out there putting in work. Vigil not only earned first place but also some personal highlights as well. Sam Hubble walked away with some extra cash for receiving the Best Manual award and for displaying a solid heelflip manny to frontside boardslide on a handrail, and Vigil did the same when he nailed a 3 flip double set Downtown, and winning Best Flip Trick.

SSD took second place with riders Mike Zanelli, Gabe Segura, Izaak Cameron and Deng Tear on the team. Tear won Best Stair Gap after planting a backside sex change over a four block. The stair gap was undoubtedly phat, and because of Tear’s precision and aggressive style, the judges had to award Tear with the Best Trick of the competition.

The tie for third place was between team Flatspotter and AfterDark Skateboards. Flatspotter had skaters Lamar Rasmussen, Dustin Hill, Ashton Harris and Jacob Peterson. Squadded up on AfterDark was Sean Hadley, Isaiah Beh, Erik Jensen and Eric Ferguson. Ferguson also played a key role in the competition, helping edit the footage that he put on the big screen. Big ups to his hard work and dedication and for making the film as badass as it is! After the skaters and the teams were awarded their prizes, AfterDark Skateboards premiered one of their newest films as well. It was back-to-back, rad skateboarding on the big screen — that’s for sure.

Jordan Brown of Team Downtown & Brown received the best ledge trick award for a stomping banger of a backside tailslide backside bigflip. From team Drunk, skater Logan Summers was awarded Best Grind when he killed a heavy frontside 50-50 canyon rim big rail.

Special thanks to our awesome judges for the competition! Benny Pelligrio (Milosport), Pro Skater Adam Dyer, Andy Pitts (Graphic Design Deluxe) and Jake Smith (Volcom) are awesome. Respect to everyone who participated in this year’s Rough Side of the Lens contest! Way to throw it down for Salt Lake City — all of you killed it, especially the dude Cody Slade in the rollerblades. To everyone who showed up to watch the contest via projector screen, thank you for being such bitchin’ people who know to have a good time and making the overall vibe as dope as it was.

SLUG would also like to thank the awesome sponsors who were the backbone for this competition: Monster Energy, Rough Neck, Half and Half Skateshop, Graywhale, SAGA, Blueplate, Milosport, AfterDark Skateboards and Porcupine. –Zach Lambros

See below for the full Roughside edit, a photo recap from the premiere by Niels Jensen, winners, team rosters and individual parts.

First Place ($200) – Half & Half
Miles Vigil
Jordan Vigil – Best Flip ($50) – 3 Flip Double Set Dowtown
Sam Hubble – Best Manual ($50): Heelflip Manny to Frontside Boardslide Handrail
Nick Hubble

Performed by: Def Letter

Second Place ($100) – SSDD
Gabe Segura
Mike Zanelli
Izaak Cameron
Deng Tear – Best Overall Trick ($50), Best Stair/Gap ($50): Backside Sex Change 4 Block

“Nix Fury”
Performed by: Vour

Third Place ($50) – AD
Erik Jensen
Sean Hadley
Gabe Dusserre
Eric Ferguson
Isaiah Beh

“Darlin’ Darlin’”
Performed by: Joshy Soul

Third Place ($50) – Flatspotter
Dustin Hill
Lamar Rasmussen
Ashton Harris
Jacob Peterson

“Noise Decay”
Performed by: Conquer Monster

Downtown & Brown
Jordan Brown – Best Ledge ($50): Backside Tailslide Backside Bigflip
Nate Brown

Performed by: Color Animal

Eric Hess
Caleb Orton
Jason Gianchetta
Logan Summers – Best Grind ($50): Frontside 50-50 Canyon Rim Big Rail

“The Return”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

Joey Sandoval
Willy Nevins
Lee Roy
Cody $lade
Josh Ketterer

“Noose For A Halo”
Performed by: Pentagraham Crackers

Kewl Autumn Breeze
Dan Hadley
Tully Flynn
Hortman Mecy

“Anaglyphic Vision(s)”
Performed by: Conquer Monster

Mor Skateboards
Chris Kiernan
Andre Nash
Bryan Sweat
Jeremy Andelin

“The Return”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

DJ Brundage
Riley Winch
Coltyn Nelson
Luigi Arellano

“Boil That Oil”
Performed by: Task & Linus

Brian Berec
Kendall Johnson
Gabe Dusserre

“Anaglyphic Vision(s)”
Performed by: Conquer Monster

PAB Team #1
Matthew Bock
Josephus Magee
Cobe Harmer
Coda Bornell

“Mind, Body, & Skull”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

PAB Team #2
Ben Allen
Gauge Forshee
Victor Quintana
Tyson Herrera
Dillon McKee

“Mind, Body, & Skull”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

STE Code
Antho Herren
Brett Egbert
Ben Page
James Holmes

“Da Flow”
Performed by: Malev Da Shinobi

Xander Wiliams
Isaac Biggs
Tyler Bowers
Dillon Miller

Performed by: Color Animal

“Change of Mind”
Performed by: DJ Skratchmo (feat. Rhyme Time & Donnie Bonelli)

“Can’t Help Myself”
Performed by: Joshy Soul

Best Tricks
Performed by: Joshy Soul

Hubble making the Backside 180 Nosegrind look like a piece of cake. Photo: Niels Jensen
Photo: Niels Jensen // Sam Hubble – Backside 180 Nosegrind – SLC, Utah
Photo: Niels Jensen // Sam Hubble – Backside 180 Nosegrind – SLC, Utah

It’s rare that someone’s go-to trick is one that would be a stretch for most skaters—even on a basic obstacle, let alone one they would bring to a high, round bar. Sam has a way of making near-impossible tricks seem mundane—almost too easy. There were no warmup tricks, no hesitation to test the waters. All I could do was laugh at how effortless it looked.

Niels Jensen (R) on a skate photoshoot with Levi Faust (L). Photo: Samuel Milianta
Levi Faust – Frontside Boardslide – West Valley City, Utah. Photo: Niels Jensen
Levi Faust – Frontside Boardslide – West Valley City, Utah. Photo: Niels Jensen


(L–R) Levi Faust and Niels Jensen going over the day’s shots. Photo: Samuel Milianta
(L–R) Levi Faust and Niels Jensen going over the day’s shots. Photo: Samuel Milianta


(L-R) Niels Jensen and Levi Faust attempting to get a shot of a Frontside Boardside) Photo: Sam Milianta
(L-R) Niels Jensen and Levi Faust attempting to get a shot of a Frontside Boardside. Photo: Sam Milianta
Credit: Niels Jensen

Skateboarding has a way of altering your perception of your surroundings. It naturally trains you to see a creative possibility where it may otherwise go unnoticed. Not only as a skateboarder but also as someone who generally thinks outside the box, Nick is constantly looking for ways to interact with the world differently, and he acts accordingly. It’s that outlook (along with a few bucks thrown into the bottom of the gap for motivation) that allowed me to witness a beautiful take on this trick, in one of the most beautiful places.

Credit: Niels Jensen
Credit: Niels Jensen