Team Half & Half took first place. Riders Jordan Vigil and Sam Hubble throw up the Sk8 Mafia sign alongside Nick Hubble and Half & Half shop owner Milton. Photo: Niels Jensen

Roughside of the Lens 2016 Film Premiere and Awards Ceremony

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Folks gathered into the Post Theatre on Saturday, Nov. 19, to watch the epic Rough Side of the Lens premiere, an all-street competition that took place throughout Salt Lake City. The film was stacked full of talented skaters who put on for their city. In the theater room that night, people would raise their drinks and a holler at the screen, cheering for the homies and showing their respect for being so devoted to stomping their lines as properly and aggressively as was shown.

The team that took their seat at first place was team Half and Half. Representing Half and Half are skaters Jordan Vigil, Miles Vigil, Sam Hubble and Nick Hubble. Let’s not forget the dude himself, Milhouse, the owner of Half and Half Skateshop, who was also out there putting in work. Vigil not only earned first place but also some personal highlights as well. Sam Hubble walked away with some extra cash for receiving the Best Manual award and for displaying a solid heelflip manny to frontside boardslide on a handrail, and Vigil did the same when he nailed a 3 flip double set Downtown, and winning Best Flip Trick.

SSD took second place with riders Mike Zanelli, Gabe Segura, Izaak Cameron and Deng Tear on the team. Tear won Best Stair Gap after planting a backside sex change over a four block. The stair gap was undoubtedly phat, and because of Tear’s precision and aggressive style, the judges had to award Tear with the Best Trick of the competition.

The tie for third place was between team Flatspotter and AfterDark Skateboards. Flatspotter had skaters Lamar Rasmussen, Dustin Hill, Ashton Harris and Jacob Peterson. Squadded up on AfterDark was Sean Hadley, Isaiah Beh, Erik Jensen and Eric Ferguson. Ferguson also played a key role in the competition, helping edit the footage that he put on the big screen. Big ups to his hard work and dedication and for making the film as badass as it is! After the skaters and the teams were awarded their prizes, AfterDark Skateboards premiered one of their newest films as well. It was back-to-back, rad skateboarding on the big screen — that’s for sure.

Jordan Brown of Team Downtown & Brown received the best ledge trick award for a stomping banger of a backside tailslide backside bigflip. From team Drunk, skater Logan Summers was awarded Best Grind when he killed a heavy frontside 50-50 canyon rim big rail.

Special thanks to our awesome judges for the competition! Benny Pelligrio (Milosport), Pro Skater Adam Dyer, Andy Pitts (Graphic Design Deluxe) and Jake Smith (Volcom) are awesome. Respect to everyone who participated in this year’s Rough Side of the Lens contest! Way to throw it down for Salt Lake City — all of you killed it, especially the dude Cody Slade in the rollerblades. To everyone who showed up to watch the contest via projector screen, thank you for being such bitchin’ people who know to have a good time and making the overall vibe as dope as it was.

SLUG would also like to thank the awesome sponsors who were the backbone for this competition: Monster Energy, Rough Neck, Half and Half Skateshop, Graywhale, SAGA, Blueplate, Milosport, AfterDark Skateboards and Porcupine. –Zach Lambros

See below for the full Roughside edit, a photo recap from the premiere by Niels Jensen, winners, team rosters and individual parts.

First Place ($200) – Half & Half
Miles Vigil
Jordan Vigil – Best Flip ($50) – 3 Flip Double Set Dowtown
Sam Hubble – Best Manual ($50): Heelflip Manny to Frontside Boardslide Handrail
Nick Hubble

Performed by: Def Letter

Second Place ($100) – SSDD
Gabe Segura
Mike Zanelli
Izaak Cameron
Deng Tear – Best Overall Trick ($50), Best Stair/Gap ($50): Backside Sex Change 4 Block

“Nix Fury”
Performed by: Vour

Third Place ($50) – AD
Erik Jensen
Sean Hadley
Gabe Dusserre
Eric Ferguson
Isaiah Beh

“Darlin’ Darlin’”
Performed by: Joshy Soul

Third Place ($50) – Flatspotter
Dustin Hill
Lamar Rasmussen
Ashton Harris
Jacob Peterson

“Noise Decay”
Performed by: Conquer Monster

Downtown & Brown
Jordan Brown – Best Ledge ($50): Backside Tailslide Backside Bigflip
Nate Brown

Performed by: Color Animal

Eric Hess
Caleb Orton
Jason Gianchetta
Logan Summers – Best Grind ($50): Frontside 50-50 Canyon Rim Big Rail

“The Return”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

Joey Sandoval
Willy Nevins
Lee Roy
Cody $lade
Josh Ketterer

“Noose For A Halo”
Performed by: Pentagraham Crackers

Kewl Autumn Breeze
Dan Hadley
Tully Flynn
Hortman Mecy

“Anaglyphic Vision(s)”
Performed by: Conquer Monster

Mor Skateboards
Chris Kiernan
Andre Nash
Bryan Sweat
Jeremy Andelin

“The Return”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

DJ Brundage
Riley Winch
Coltyn Nelson
Luigi Arellano

“Boil That Oil”
Performed by: Task & Linus

Brian Berec
Kendall Johnson
Gabe Dusserre

“Anaglyphic Vision(s)”
Performed by: Conquer Monster

PAB Team #1
Matthew Bock
Josephus Magee
Cobe Harmer
Coda Bornell

“Mind, Body, & Skull”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

PAB Team #2
Ben Allen
Gauge Forshee
Victor Quintana
Tyson Herrera
Dillon McKee

“Mind, Body, & Skull”
Performed by: Mark Dago & Numbs

STE Code
Antho Herren
Brett Egbert
Ben Page
James Holmes

“Da Flow”
Performed by: Malev Da Shinobi

Xander Wiliams
Isaac Biggs
Tyler Bowers
Dillon Miller

Performed by: Color Animal

“Change of Mind”
Performed by: DJ Skratchmo (feat. Rhyme Time & Donnie Bonelli)

“Can’t Help Myself”
Performed by: Joshy Soul

Best Tricks
Performed by: Joshy Soul