Photo Feature: Dan Brisse

Ski / Snowboard

Dan called me up and told about a 40-stair straight rail he wanted to do in Salt Lake and I couldn’t for the life of me think of where one of those would be. Every rail in this town has been mapped out and sessioned heavily over the years. All I could come up with is that maybe there was a new building or school constructed that I had overlooked. Having only lived here for a few years, Dan sees things through fresh eyes. That, and he’s one determined dude when it comes to making stuff happen. The rail he was talking about was as obvious as they come, but had generally been written off by the community as “not do-able,” which explains why it didn’t register. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy to make this happen, and it was sketchy as hell with the narrowest of run-outs, but Dan willed this session to happen and walked away with one of the longer (possibly longest?) switch frontside boards I’ve seen.

Photo: Andy Wright