It has been interesting to watch and work with Miller in his ascension as an athlete and a driving force in the industry. He is the one who first connected me with 4FRNT Skis, a local manufacturer with a focus on athlete-inspired ski design. Wiley Miller’s skiing prowess secured his place with 4FRNT early on in his career in 2004 at the Camp of Champions skier summer camp in Whistler, Canada. By 2008, he started collecting a paycheck from them, and in 2011, he became part owner. Since then, his involvement with the company has allowed him to be a part of the process by actually designing skis to match his riding style. “I built a pro-model ski a few years ago, the YLE,” says Miller. “It was amazing—a big challenge for sure. There is so much math and geometry that goes into building skis, as well as material sourcing. That’s where things are really taking off at 4FRNT right now. We are doing amazing things with really cool materials, making the skis lighter and stronger.” In addition to ski design and filming, Wiley Miller has been an integral part of apparel development at 4FRNT’s next-door neighbor, Saga Outerwear.