In this edition of "Beer of the Month," Bohemian Brewery serves up the Sir-Veza, a Mexican-style lager in a slick, Day of the Dead–inspired, 12-ounce can.

Beer of the Month: Sir-Veza

Beer Reviews

Beer Name: Sir-Veza
Brewery: Bohemian Brewery

ABV: 4.7%
Serving Style:  12-oz. can

It would be easy to start this showcase off like any other we’ve done in the past. Frankly, as of writing, things just are not the same right now. Being cautiously optimistic, we hope things are on a positive track and that the country and the world are heading back toward those carefree times we took for granted. Honestly, this article is being written about a month or so ahead of when it will be published, so we really don’t know. We ourselves experienced the school closures, instantly changed our roles from parents to teachers (no homework from this couple!), were pushed to work from home (a blessing, to say the least), and are actively doing our best to social distance.

Selective with our outings, we leave home only when necessary. One Saturday, we went out into the world to visit some of our local breweries offering curbside or strict, limited-patron policies. Along with visiting Shades Brewing to pick up their Quarantine Pack, we stopped by 2 Row Brewing and Bohemian Brewery to act on both selfish needs of loading up on beer, as well as to support a community that has been so great to us for years.

If we’re lucky, SLUG Mag’s Brewstillery will go on as planned next month on June 20. Last year, the winner of both “Fan Favorite” and “Best New Brew” was Bohemian’s Sir-Veza. Reaching for normalcy, we look at this lager as a simply great beer and as a friendly reminder of fun, social gatherings. Let’s check it out.


Bohemian serves up this Mexican-style lager in a slick, Day of the Dead–inspired, 12-ounce can. We cracked the cold can open and poured it vigorously into a versatile tulip glass. The beer rapidly formed a magical pillow of a white, fluffy head that layered itself nicely on top of the chilled liquid. Sir-Veza pours a golden color that refracts light differently through its crystal-clear body, depending on the angle the glass is held. When you give the beer a sniff, you are greeted by what is—and what’s not—there. This beer is clean with smells of citrus and soft bread. What you don’t get is anything overwhelming. Now this is a brew meant for chill and calming times. Bohemian pulled off the double-victory last year by creating a beer with a subtle and drinkable sweetness.


Who knows where we’ll be 30 days from now? We purposely didn’t seek out the newest release nor want to break the social distancing rules to browse the aisles of our local grocery or liquor store—nope. We opted to drive around and expose ourselves to minimal interaction, so we knew we needed to grab beer we determined would be wonderful and comforting. It was good to see familiar, friendly faces because we needed to do this for our own mental wellbeing, albeit from a distance.

We know everyone in the craft beer community is feeling the impacts, and there is a sense of the “scary unknown.” Although it is unfortunate, as things were looking bright in this community, the rug was pulled out from under many of these thriving businesses. The great thing about this group, state and country, though, is we can already see the glimmer of hope—and we’re all thirsty to get back to the backyard barbeques with a cold cerveza.