The year is wrapping up and our brewers have yet to settle on their stock beers (beer drinkers, kneel and give thanks to your drinking deity of choice). With even more beers on the horizon—and given my current sobriety level—I figured a muddling of selections is in order. A fancy themed set of reviews seemed all too simple. We have lined up for you a long overdue addition to RedRock’s bottled series, a twist on a Uinta staple which ought to make you wet and a Pro-Am hopeful that was sent off to the Great American Beer Festival.

Bobcat Nutbrown
Brewery/Brand: RedRock Brewery
ABV: 6.1%
Serving Style: 500 ml Bottle
Description: This high-point brown ale pours a rich, deep garnet color with a thick head of tight, persistent tannish foam. The nose is full of piney American hops with a rich, toasted-bread character emerging as it warms. The style is aptly named because the overall effect evokes nuts and trees. The flavor takes these initial impressions and refines them into an excellently balanced ale, both malty and bitter at the same time. Hints of citrus and herb from the hops blend into the burnt toast and chocolate flavors typical of a brown ale. A little bit of alcohol ties it all together, helping to meld what seem like disparate elements into a dangerously sessionable 6-percent beer.
Overview: This ramped-up version of RedRock’s classic Nut Brown ale is much more hop-centered than the original, but no less enjoyable. In fact, I’d say this is a brown ale for IPA lovers. The resinous, puckering notes that hop-heads crave get expressed slightly differently in a darker beer, creating a complex character with hints of tea, carob, rosemary and anise. Fans of either genre will find much to like about this latest release. –Rio Connelly

Wet n’ Wyld
Brewery/Brand: Uinta Brewing Co.
ABV: 4.0%
Serving Style: On Tap
Description: On tap at Brewvies and elsewhere, this pale poured like the original Wyld, with a soft orange color and an off-white head. The aroma is a grassy, fresh citrus, with a little resin-y character in the follow-through. The flavor is really smooth with a moderate hop bitterness that is not all too overpowering and gives your palate a fresh “green” citrus aftertaste.
Overview: Wyld has been a long-time favorite of mine, and I abso-fuckin’-lutely love seeing a little mix-up in the game. Uinta managed to get their hands on some pretty dank, wet (undried) Simcoe hops, which are very hard to find these days. Then they tossed those into the brew at 4 lbs. of hops per barrel of beer (31 gallons per barrel). The final product is a fresh, resinous hop juice of amazing. This is out on a limited basis, and hopefully will still be pouring around town at any place that gives a fuck about craft beer.

Rated X Mild
Brewery/Brand: Hoppers
ABV: 4.0%
Serving Style: On Tap
Description: This mild comes out of the tap deep brown in color, and gives a medium-sized, white head. The aroma is mellow with pleasant notes of toasted malt and a soft, nutty finish. The flavor is easy, yet complex, with a toasted malt base, fruity hops in the middle and a dry hop bitterness with some more of that nutty toasted malt that lingers on the palate.
Overview: By the time this hits, the GABF Pro-Am will be over, and hopefully, Dallas Barlow (homebrewer/creator of the original recipe) is smiling with a big-ass medal on his chest. Last year, we featured Pro-Am competitors from Utah with their sponsoring breweries, and we came away with a win! Hopefully this will pass some luck on over. This mild up for show is a tasty balance of toasted malts and fruity, mellow hop characters. It’s a beer worthy of being on tap, I’d say. Not to be forgotten, locals Chris Detrick (with Uinta Brewing) and Scott Hunt (with Epic Brewing) will be competing as well. Cheers to our local home brewers, and let’s hope they’ve swept the medals!