This year is now coming to a close, and the mound of empty bottles surrounding my Mayan Apocalypse countdown clock is nothing short of impressive. When looking back on this year, in regard to Utah beer, I’m … glad. We’ve had a good run. We’ve seen new breweries arise, more community involvement with craft brewing and enough high-point beer to ram down the fucking esophagus of that asshole who “only drinks real beer.” If those change-ups weren’t enough to convince you of an impending doom, allow this to be the icing on the cake: This is my last issue. Now, I know my two readers out there are heartbroken. So, Nana and UteBeerFan87, thank you for all your support over the years, I know I’ll be missed. All that sappy shit aside, let’s get to the fucking point: BEER! First, we have the boys over at Bohemian breaking out of their shell, a celebration of a 75th Anniversary by way of booze and, finally, a preview of what’s to come from one of SLUG’s own, Rio Connelly, and the details of a new brewery soon to open. Enjoy!

Fall Festbier
Brewery/Brand: Bohemian Brewery
Abv: 4.0%
Serving Style: On-Tap
Description: On tap at the brewery, this festbier pours dark amber in color with ruby highlight and a nice, pillowy, tan head. The aroma is filled with dark fruit on the first whiff, followed by toast, chocolate and some caramel. The taste is similar, with a medley of fruit and toast off the get-go, and a bold, malty finish that still goes down smoothly.
Overview: Beer review aside, I feel this is a good time to honor the passing of Joe Petras, (owner of Bohemian Brewery). Petras was a pioneer in the Utah craft brew industry and a friend to the craft brewing community. Joe, you will be missed, and I’ll be sure to have a couple pilsners for you—prost! Onto the beer, this festbier is a malty beast perfect for this time of year. It is full-bodied and just right for the colder air. Thanks, Bohemian, for keeping us surprised.

Alta 75
Brewery/Brand: Utah Brewers Cooperative
Abv: 4.0%
Serving Style: 12 oz Bottle
Description: Shredding out of the bottle, this pale ale pours a soft, amber color with a small, fizzy head. The aromatics are American-hop dominant, with pine-like notes in the beginning, leading into some light caramels and finishing with more hops. The taste is similar, with a decent bitterness rounding on the palate. There is a sweet malt balance and crisp-pine bitterness that dries on the tongue.
Overview: To help commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Alta Ski Area’s opening, the Utah Brewers Cooperative brewed up a fancy new brew for all you Altaholics out there. This new, decked-out labeling is well worth the purchase alone, but if you’re actually drinking for that “whole flavor thing,” this will to do the job, too. Its malty backbone is balanced out with a resinous hop aroma and flavor, ideal for some pre-slope boozin’. (No worries boarders, I took a six pack on a test run, and it’ll suit you, too.)

Darth Lager (Name Pending)
Brewery/Brand: Avenues Proper Restaurant & Publick House
Abv: 4.0%
Serving Style: Coming Soon
Description: Out of this super-secret growler, this lager pours deep amber to light brown in color with a soft tan head. The aroma is initially malty sweet, with hints of toast and a bready malt undertone. The taste is clean with a mellow toasted malt character, and finishes off into a soft caramel dryness on the palate.
Overview: This is a rare treat––APRPH gifted SLUG a prototype brew that will tentatively be available on draft when they open. The projected opening date is sometime in late January of 2013, give or take some fudge room (no pun intended, as they are right next door to Hatch Family Chocolates). Provided Utah does not do its best to try and give a new business a rough time, this gastro-brew pub is on its way to something great. This easy sipping, Munich-styled lager with dark Muscovado sugar is a clean drinker and packed with flavor. I can already foresee it as a perfect staple beer in their lineup. Cheers guys, and congrats to the new endeavor.