Booth # t11

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … Chelsea Stephenson with Soaperhero! She’s here to get you clean and smelling good with—dog poop soap? That’s right, one of Stephenson’s made-from-scratch, melt and pour soaps is shaped like a piece of dog shit, but don’t worry, it smells like apple cinnamon coffee. Stephenson is one of the local vendors chosen to be a part of Craft Lake City. As unique as they come in both her work and persona, Stephenson’s interests include reading comic books and “really good sci-fi,” going to comic cons, watching movies and learning how to make new things. Stop drooling boys, she’s also engaged to be married this fall in Vegas. Stephenson started Soaperhero, a name inspired by her love of comic books, about a year ago, but has been making soap since 2005. Fortunately, Soap Crafter was down the street from where she lived at the time and she was able to begin learning the soap making process with teacher Paula Mosier. Once Soap Crafter relocated to Las Vegas, Stephenson sought more knowledge through internet forums and hopes to continue learning more about what has become her trade and art.

Soaperhero deals primarily in soaps and chapsticks, though Stephenson also makes body scrubs, lotions and bath balms. She makes the cold process soap from scratch with lye and oils, a process that can take up to two to three hours per loaf depending on how complicated the recipe. Vegan friendly soap can also be made upon request.

Stephenson’s unique fragrances and molds are what set her apart from the rest. “I haven’t seen a lot of soap makers bring unusual things to the table,” she says. You definitely won’t find any lavender scented seashells by Soaperhero. Stephenson makes some of her own molds and fragrances, keeping it creative and original. Ranging from delicious to humorous, some of the molds and fragrances Soaperhero offers include Guinness, Toast, Giant Gummy Bear and the popular Fight Club soap bar. In the way of chapstick, flavors include Pancakes and Syrup, Fruity Pebbles and Bread Pudding. Stephenson even makes a coffee soap with the actual qualities of coffee­­—caffeine that will wake you up! “It’s a good morning soap,” she says. “I try to be as unique as I can…I’m an unusual girl so I gotta make unusual things.”

So whether you’re trying to get a laugh, a date, or just stay clean, let Soaperhero come to your rescue. Meet Stephenson and get some Soaperhero at Craft Lake City on August 8 from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the Gallivan Center.