I’ve fallen out of anime in the last few years, so I wanted to check out this panel to see what was new in the anime world. The people from Anime Happy Hour—John Evans, Breeane Evans, Brittany Evans and Lindsay Starke—hosted the panel and they have quite the list of animes they all love. They made a Anime Happy Hour pamphlet so you would have a list to take home, so you can actually remember the ones you want to check out. Some of the animes are reviewed on John Evans’ website so you can check out at least a few animes from there if you missed the panel. The panelists all picked a bunch of their favorites from the past year and a lot of the animes sounded like they would be worth checking out for a few episodes. There’s a new trend is called short-form anime—the episodes are shorter than 25 minutes so the entire season can be 45 minutes, making it pretty easy to begin to catch up. I only wish they would’ve added where you could watch the shows since there are so many avenues to watch anime these days. It’s a bit of a pain to go through each service trying to find the anime you want to watch.