1. Sunblock – Three days in the desert sun isn’t going to do any good for my pale complexion. I’ll be packing SPF 75 to avoid blistered shoulders and skin that matches the color of my hair.

2. Camera with Non-Detachable Lens – You’ll need to leave the professional photography to the professionals, but it doesn’t mean you can’t tote along a small camera to document the fun. I’ll be bringing my Diana Mini and plenty of 100-speed film.

3. Beer Coozie – Keep your campground beers chilly once they emerge from your cooler!

4. Small Backpack or Fanny Pack – Throw your important shit in one of these before you hit festival grounds. Since it’s strapped to your body, it’s less likely that it will get lost in the throngs of people.

5. Comfy Shoes – You’ll spend a lot of time trekking between your campsite and the festival grounds, and also around the festival grounds. A good pair of kicks will help keep your feet happy throughout the weekend.

6. Shades – The sun will be brutal during daytime. Keep your peepers protected with a good pair of shades. Sunglasses are also the perfect way to hide bloodshot eyes after too many late nights in the campgrounds.

7. Cigarettes – Everyone will run out. If you don’t smoke, you’ll probably be able to sell the things to your friends and randoms at a marked-up price.

8. Bikini Tops – It’s fucking hot and you’ll want to be as close to naked as possible during the day. Bikini tops (and bottoms) will also make it that much easier to use the public showers in the campgrounds.

9. Wristband – Forget it and you’re fucked …

10. A Plastic, Refillable Water Bottle – You will get dehydrated. Don’t waste your money on the water bottles being sold inside. There are water bottle filling stations throughout festival grounds.

11. A Hoodie – The daytime will be unbearably hot, but once the sun sets, it might get chilly.

12. Beer – Save some skrilla inside the festival grounds by keeping your campsite stocked. A veteran Coachella attendee recommended that everyone buy a personal 30 pack.

13. Flashlight – These are good for making your way to the restroom at night, but also for locating ground scores. Treasures get dropped in the Coachella parking lot—money, gypsy flair and even drugs—be the first to find the loot!

14. Flip flops – These are crucial for showers during the festival. The public showers are like dorm showers, but 1,000 times worse. Avoid odd foot growths.