SaltCon attendees figurine painting at a table

SaltCon 2015: Figurine Painting


It doesn’t matter how old you are or how experienced you are at painting, it’s pretty damn fun for anyone of any age or skill level. Figurine Painting was an activity at SaltCon that provided miniature figurines used in role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as paints and painting supplies—all for free—and the help from a few women who enjoy the miniature painting hobby.

Aubrey Hick and Allison Ogdon gave great tips and painting techniques for painting the figurines, and I’m sure that they inspired more than just myself to pick up this new hobby. They were also extremely accommodating during the painting process, changing out fresh water and helping to pick out the perfect colors for your figurine. I could have stayed in this activity for hours, or even the rest of the day.

I’m totally hooked on painting these minis now. I definitely have to give it to SaltCon for providing activities at their convention that were actually completely enjoyable. I really look forward to next year’s SaltCon to see what other awesome things they come up with. Keep on keeping on, SaltCon.