God Help The Girl
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Stuart Murdoch

Who knew there were more hipsters in Glasgow than Brooklyn? Belle & Sebastian’s Scottish frontman Stuart Murdoch takes us to his hometown for a musical narrative that has all the quirks and melodrama of an indie pop song wrapped up in the most stylish movie you’ll see at Sundance this year. God Help The Girl follows Eve (Emily Browning), a recovering anorexic who escapes rehab and starts the cutest indie pop trio to ever grace the planet with the help of geeky troubadour James (Olly Alexander) and airhead princess Cassie (Hannah Murray). The plot doesn’t stir too deep—the most interesting aspects of it follow the unrequited puppy love crush James has on Eve—and the acting isn’t going to win any awards, but God Help The Girl succeeds in other ways. Namely, Murdoch’s love for Glasgow is reflected in his sets—canoeing on the River Clyde, indie shows at the Barrowland Ballroom—the city is the film’s most dynamic character, and I hope it’s ready for a surge in tourists because it’s definitely moved up on my list of places to visit. Musically, this film is also a gem. There’s some Belle & Sebastian, along with numbers that are purely Murdoch that emit the sugar sweet melodies tinged with sadness that fans have come to love. The singing is on-point for the most part, though Murray’s high-pitched, breathy vocals were a little grating at times. I hope Urban Outfitters reserved a whole wall for promotion once the DVD is released, because it’s going to become every denim shorts/patterned tights wearing hipster’s favorite film.


Time: 1.24 4 PM Venue: Holiday Village Cinema 4, Park City