Cheese and Charcuterie board built around both domestic and imported cheeses, cured meats and locally brewed craft beers.

Cheese-and-Beer Parings via Harmons


“I need more cheese!” Mariah Christensen politely exclaimed during our of Harmons Grocery cheese-and-beer-pairing photoshoot. Christensen, Cheese Buyer for Harmon’s and an American Cheese Society “Certified Cheese Professional,” presented five pairings of Utah beers with cheeses from both the U.S. and Europe. As beer continues to blossom in Utah, we are being presented with more diversity and broader options to quench our thirst—and Harmons’ 18 stores each have their own meticulously curated cheese set that features award-winning cheeses from around the world. From a traditional clothbound English Cheddar to a cheese made using a blend of cow/goat/sheep milk from the rolling hills of the Piedmont Region of Italy, to our own hometown heroes, Beehive Cheese, Utah turophiles (cheese-lovers!) are sure to find their old—or soon-to-be new—favorite cheese at any Harmons location.