Wave Coffee offers a to-your-door coffee-bean subscription service, stocking customers with high-quality brew without any hassle.

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While our holiday experience this year might look like a chapter out of a dystopian novel, we can all fi nd common ground in our venture to make this year’s holiday season as normal as possible. Still, our heart’s genuine desire to practice the love language of gift-giving remains unaffected by these tumultuous times. As we search for the perfect item for that perfect someone, we want to do so safely and invest our precious coin into people—not corporations. Here are seven local creatives and their products that say “I didn’t forget you amid the chaos” in a perfectly handmade way.

Whether you’re a coffee fanatic or fiend, Wave Coffee seeks to scratch that itch without having you lift a finger. Started as an offshoot of local design firm modern8, Wave Coffee offers a to-your-door coffee-bean subscription service, stocking customers with high-quality brew without any hassle. “No need to run to the grocery store without coffee in your pajamas … to get bad grocery-store coffee anymore,” says Wave Coffee CEO Alysha Smith and COO Peter Stevenson. “You will always have fresh-roasted coffee on the counter.”

Given their design-oriented origins, Wave’s products are appropriately sleek and eye catching. Of this look, Smith and Stevenson say, “Our focus at Wave is to give people great coffee at home in a package they would be happy to have on the counter all the time.” The pastel-tinged packages, the sleek website—everything about Wave Coffee screams ease of access and beauty of presentation.

Especially as in-person shopping teeters on the precipice of precarity, a mail-to-you coffee service provides a vital lifeline to those staying at home. Having just launched in the fall of 2020, the Wave Coffee team found an element of serendipity in these tumultuous times. “Coffee at home was much more important,” say Smith and Stevenson of their origins.

Wave Coffee products arrive in sleek, delightfully colored bags.
Photo courtesy of Wave Coffee

Currently, Wave offers two blends for delivery: The Sweet Daze fruit blend and the Smooth Talk chocolate blend. The latter option especially stands out for Wave Coffee, as they view its rich flavors as a catalyst for connection. “A perfect holiday gift [from Wave] would be a subscription to the Smooth Talk blend for someone you want to share coffee with,” say Smith and Stevenson.

Though Wave Coffee is still a nascent business, the team have great hopes for what lies ahead. “Our hope for the future is for people to have great coffee always on hand for when a friend comes over for brunch,” say Smith and Stevenson. Find more information on Wave Coffee through their website and on Instagram @brewwave.co. –Audrey Lockie