(L–R): Jennifer Williamson and Tiffany Rainwater stand in The Neighborhood Hive marketplace.

The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide from The Neighborhood Hive

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by holiday shopping and are unsure of where to find a gift for the picky foodie in your life? The Neighborhood Hive is sure to provide a local gift for everyone on your list. Jennifer Williamson and Tiffany Rainwater—co-owners of the local market—created the space for small businesses to sell their wares and find a customer base. “Every shelf is a different business,” Rainwater says. “[Businesses] can rent a shelf or a whole rack like Mim’s [Bakery] or a bigger space on the floor like Les Madelines depending on what their business model needs.” With Williamson and Rainwater’s help, SLUG has compiled a list of some of the greatest edible products you can pick up from The Neighborhood Hive this holiday season.

The Bean Whole Sugarhive Blend
The Bean Whole Sugarhive Blend. Photo: John Taylor

The Bean Whole Sugarhive Blend ($14.99)

Peeking through one of The Hive’s maker-space windows, you can watch The Bean Whole roast their coffee in-house. Starting from small batches at home and moving into a permanent location in The Neighborhood Hive, The Bean Whole sells their coffee by the bag and at The Hive’s coffee bar. The perfect gift for any coffee lover, there’s nothing fresher than a bag of beans roasted in-store. Try out their house blend with notes of sweet fruit, citrus and brown sugar! Check them out on Instagram at @thebeanwhole.









Salsa Del Diablo Kitchen Sink Hot Sauce
Salsa Del Diablo Kitchen Sink Hot Sauce. Photo: John Taylor


Salsa Del Diablo Kitchen Sink Hot Sauce ($8)

Looking for something for the spice lover in your life? Pick up a bottle of Salsa Del Diablo! Their Kitchen Sink Hot Sauce blends Carolina Reaper, Ghost and Trinidad Scorpion peppers, local Jerry-Lynn’s honey and spices, dialing up the heat and adding a sweet flair as well. This mixture is perfect for anyone on your list who puts hot sauce on absolutely everything. Follow them on Instagram @salsadeldiablo!









Mim's Bakery Sourdough
Mim’s Bakery Sourdough. Photo: John Taylor

Mim’s Bakery Sourdough ($13)

Delivered fresh to The Neighborhood Hive Tuesday–Saturday, a loaf of high-quality, local bread is sure to make a great addition to any holiday spread. Mim’s Bakery bread is the perfect gift for any carb lover and can be found on cafe menus around Salt Lake such as Old Cuss, The Rose Establishment and more. Pair it with jam, butter or just enjoy a slice plain! Look out for their bread truck (coming soon!) and follow along with them on Instagram @mims_slc.





Dough Lady Take and Bake Cinnamon Rolls
Dough Lady Take and Bake Cinnamon Rolls. Photo: John Taylor

Dough Lady Take and Bake Cinnamon Rolls ($18)

Look out for the Dough Lady’s Take and Bake Cinnamon Rolls in one of the refrigerated cases at The Neighborhood Hive. Simply grab a tray—which includes the rolls, frosting and cream—and you’re all set for an unforgettable holiday breakfast or brunch. Offering classic cinnamon, brown butter and chai flavors, a delicious treat is only a 30-minute bake away. Look out for new flavors on their Instagram @doughladyslc.










Drømme Calm
Drømme Calm. Photo: John Taylor

Drømme Calm ($38)

Bringing a little bit of Europe to the Wasatch Front, Drømme’s blend of brain-boosting adaptogens, botanicals and nootropics will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. For those who are sober or sober-curious, Drømme is zero-proof and great for mocktails! Their Calm Blend of ginger, melon and maple will delight any mocktail enthusiast. Find them on Instagram @drinkdromme.





Crown Fine Foods Alfajores. Photo: SLUG Staff
Crown Fine Foods Alfajores. Photo: SLUG Staff

Crown Fine Foods Alfajores ($9.50)

Crown Fine Foods bakes delicious sweet treats such as alfajores, meringues and more! Alfajores are bite-sized, caramel sandwich cookies perfect for holiday gifting. Crown Fine Foods even decorates for the season and has previously made Halloween-inspired ghost meringues and Thanksgiving-themed bakes. Find them at The Neighborhood Hive and follow along on Instagram @crownalfajoresut to see what fun themes are in store this winter!






Your Favorite Bartender Cocktail Syrups
Your Favorite Bartender Cocktail Syrups. Photo: John Taylor

Your Favorite Bartender Cocktail Syrups ($15)

Your Favorite Bartender Cocktail Syrups are perfect for mixologists of any skill level and include flavors such as seasonal Pumpkin Spice and Grapefruit Elderflower, offering a syrup that will please any palate. You can even find a handy guide to help you pair each syrup with the perfect spirit. Your Favorite Bartender syrups use real fruit, seasonal spices and more. Each bottle makes around 16 drinks—it’s a gift that keeps on giving! Check them out in-store at The Neighborhood Hive and follow them on Instagram at @yourfavoritebartenderco.





Heaven's Best Butters Cinnamon Raisin
Heaven’s Best Butters Cinnamon Raisin. Photo: John Taylor

Heaven’s Best Butters Cinnamon Raisin ($13)

Looking for something to pair with a slice of Mim’s Bakery bread? Heaven’s Best Butters offers a line of both sweet and savory flavored butters, perfect for pairing with a loaf of bread or adding to a holiday charcuterie. A tip from The Hive: Try adding a little bit of Heaven’s Best Butters’ Cinnamon Raisin butter to your morning coffee—it won’t disappoint! You can also find Orange Icicle, Lemon Pepper Garlic and more flavors in-store! Follow them on Instagram @heavensbestbutters to be the first to know about new butters.





Crisscross Crunch
Crisscross Crunch. Photo: John Taylor

Crisscross Crunch ($11.29)

Crisscross Crunch puts big-box Chex Mix to shame. A perfect gift for any sweet snacker in your life, Crisscross Crunch combines local chocolate made by Ritual Chocolate and other goodies to create the perfect sweet treat. Some of their flavors include Salted Caramel, Coconut Crunch and Death by Chocolate. Pick up a big or small bag in-store at the Neighborhood Hive and follow them on Instagram at @crisscrosscrunch.





Cache Toffee Collection
Cache Toffee Collection. Photo: John Taylor

Cache Toffee Collection ($9)

Who doesn’t love toffee during the holiday season? Cache Toffee Collection’s line of locally made, delicious toffee makes for the perfect stocking stuffer or party gift. Their buttery toffee layered with chocolate comes in a variety of flavors, including Blondie (white chocolate, mango and ginger), Summit (pistachio, apricots and dried cranberry) and Brew (coffee and hazelnut). Head over to The Hive to pick up a three-pack or a ⅓ lb.box! Look out for their flavor of the month and follow them on Instagram @cachetoffee.

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