Attendees at SLUG Mag's Brewstillery 2022

SLUG Mag’s 2022 Brewstillery @ Artspace City Center 06.18


What happens when one of Salt Lake City’s premier beer-and-booze events returns after a long and stressful year? Sheer joy and utter chaos. Enter Brewstillery 2022. It was roughly 1:30 p.m., and although doors wouldn’t be open for another 30 minutes, there was already excitement in the air as the line began to stretch around the block with the finest people of SLC. Did I mention they came thirsty? Local distillers and brewers spent the day in a mad dash to satiate said thirst with some of the best libations our fair state has to offer. From fancy brews to strong and smooth booze, SLUG Mag’s Brewstillery 2022 had it all. 

Not a drinker? No problem. There was an exuberant amount of non-alcoholic selections to be had, like Sirop Co.’s mocktails and soft drinks. Attendees could knock back a few then throw axes with Social Axe Throwing and write on a Mark Miller Subaru vehicle with sharpies sans felony charges. It was like having all the best parts of a hot night out on the town without all of the legal ramifications, and one the whole family could enjoy! 

But wait, there’s more! Not only did SLUG have all things a debaucherous, debutante’s little heart could desire, but just about any type of food you could think was served, from street tacos and handcrafted pizza to key lime pie in a cup! Participating vendors included Cupbop, San Diablo Artisan Churros, SaltFire, Maize Tacos, Lucky Slice Pizza and Kona Ice. If you were in need of some good old-fashioned retail therapy, you were in luck as well! Artisan vendors offered soaps, hot sauce and tons of fancy swag in between—you would’ve been hard-pressed to not find something of fancy! Big thanks to Space Babes Art, ZIELIZG, Sweet Vinyl Bakeshop and more for coming. 

Now that the haze of a day’s worth of drinking has faded, we’re already looking forward to the next Brewstillery! We’d like to thank the academy, our sponsors, all the absolutely AMAZING vendors, all the rad volunteers and most importantly … YOU! Thank you, Salt Lake City, for consistently being some of the finest humans on the planet. We couldn’t, nor would we want to, do this without you!

Thanks to our sponsors: Blocks SLC, Mark Miller Subaru, Salt Lake City (ACE Grant), SLUG Magazine, Social Axe Throwing, Planned Parenthood, Visit Salt Lake, Water and Wellness.

Photos: Bonneville Jones //