Eight Settlers Distillery’s Shrimp Po’Boy adds a comfort food item to their vast menu.

A Festive Fall Feast at Eight Settlers Distillery

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By this time of year, fall has set in and things have started to get that festive, exciting feeling that comes with the changing of the seasons. With that change, cooler weather enters the scene, meaning it’s time for warm sweaters and delicious comfort food. The pull of autumn winds (or at least my latest assignment) brought me to the menu at Eight Settlers Distillery, which has an appealing mix of comfort and excitement that suits any fall-time craving.

Recently, I’ve gotten excited about Elote and it has become a must-try for me at every place I can find it. That meant that the Cool Ranch Elote Dip ($8.00) was the first thing that caught my eye on Eight Settlers’ menu. When we picked up the order, this dish was towering with chips that almost entirely obscured the smoky, sweet dip inside. Each bite was filled with incredible texture variation and an almost chili-like corn mixture. I squeezed on the provided limes for a little extra tartness and it was nearly perfect, though I wouldn’t have minded a bit more cheese.


The Pork Chops from Eight Settlers Distillery brings warm, familial vibes.
Photo: @slc-bites

Eight Settlers Distillery has an appealing mix of comfort and excitement that suits any fall-time craving.”

The next thing to attract my attention was the Shrimp Po’Boy ($18.00) overflowing with brightly seasoned shrimp. The fiery orange color pointed to a spiciness that balanced well with the crunchy slaw. Each bite had me tearing through delectably toasted soft bread to get to the tangy cabbage, sweet tomatoes and generous helping of shrimp. The Po’boy was served with a choice of salad, fries or soup and I went with the Pear Ricotta Salad. Crisp greens were topped with soft spiced pears, a crunchy mix of savory oatmeal and pumpkin seeds and lightly sweet ricotta. Each bite was beautiful and bright with hits of warming spices. I loved the surprise of tart dried cranberries that tied everything together. If I were to order it again, I would opt for the oil and vinegar rather than balsamic dressing, since the light flavors of the salad were easily overpowered by the strong dressing I chose.

With the Po’Boy out of the way, I moved on to the Pork Chop ($32.00). This healthy serving of pork arrived with crunchy garlicky green beans and mashed potatoes and was topped with an herby and surprisingly savory apricot compote. This dish felt like the most delicious Sunday dinner and brought all the warm, familial vibes. I loved the way the crispy crust on the moist chop paired with buttery potatoes to make a balanced bite.


Each bite had me tearing through delectably toasted soft bread to get to the tangy cabbage, sweet tomatoes and generous helping of shrimp.”

I ordered the Yam Créme Brulee ($8.00) as a side—it was an act of excess, but it was totally worth it as this dish completely blew me away. Upon opening the container, the first thing I saw was pulverized popcorn. This soft layer topped brûléed sugar and yam custard. Together, it made for a delicious, fall-time side that tasted like everyone’s favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner. The pops of salt and butter from the popcorn were a perfect complement to the sweet and toasty crème brûlée. This dish was innovative and delicious, and I’m already planning to go back just to eat it again and again.

For dessert I went with the molten chocolate cake. The cake was a bit on the sweet side, but the molten center was dark and deep. Topped with caramel sauce and ice cream, this dessert was a pleasant ending to a yummy meal.

If you are looking for real comfort food that is both innovative and familiar, Eight Settlers is the place to go. For a sneak peek at their delicious food, you can find them @eightsettlersrestaurant on Instagram.