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Dawgz N Leenks

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It’s summertime and the weather is mighty fine. You’re at a brewery on a weeknight (so naughty), but they aren’t serving any of the solid food that your buzz is craving. Enter Dawgz N Leenks.

Don’t let the appearance of this food “truck” fool you. It looks like a food stall with two wheels. To me, though, this added to the charm of my visit. I ordered Da Good, a classic all-beef frank in a natural casing, and Da Fat G, a bacon-wrapped beef hot link buried in chili and cheese with a hint of mustard. The only topping on Da Good dog is the Dawgz N Leenks special sauce—a mix of not-too-powerful, sweet BBQ with a light heat to it, which made for a tantalizing combination. Y’all, when I tell you my first bite into this hot dog snapped, it SUH-NAPPED. A rubber band of salty, savory, sweet and heat went off in my mouth all at once.

Da Good, a classic all-beef frank in a natural casing, and Da Fat G, a bacon-wrapped beef hot link buried in chili and cheese with a hint of mustard.
Dawgs N Leenks tops their dogs with a special house-made sauce. Photo: Brayden Salisbury.

Da Fat G also did not disappoint flavor-wise. Sometimes, when you eat a chili dog, the chili and the dog seem to be at war with one another. It’s almost like one of them owes the other money and they can’t let it go, so you’re left trying to figure things out: One, why these two delicious things can’t get along; and two, why they taste so different from each other, which then makes you wonder why they’re even in the same bun. That wasn’t the case AT ALL with Dawgz N Leenks’ Da Fat G. The chili had a freshness with a subtle sweet tang that went harmoniously hand-in-hand with the bacon-wrapped dog.

Both were delicious. I think you should try Dawgz N Leenks—really, I do! But it’s just… the prices rocked me a little: $9 for Da Good and $15 for Da Fat G. But they hit the spot when my buzz needed it, so perhaps you won’t regret it, either.

Nana’s Sonoran Hotdogs

(623) 210-7320 |@nanas_hotdogs
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Nana’s Sonoran Hotdogs had heavy bidding to live up to. The pinned post on their Instagram page is a seal of approval from Guy Fieri—EVER HEARD OF HIM? I also ordered two dogs from this food truck: the Sonoran and the Arizona.

The Arizona bursts like a piñata in your mouth!
The bacon-wrapped dog is Nana’s signature. Photo: Anna Chapman.

The Sonoran is where Nana’s shines: A bacon-wrapped grilled hot dog topped with beans, cheese, grilled onions and tomatoes served on a soft bun. The first bite might have you feeling transported to Mexico and reaching to adjust your sombrero because it’s THAT GOOD. The soft and snappy textures of beans, onions and meat work together to bring you all the flavor of the bacon-wrapped dog, plus the coolness of the tomatoes and cheese takes the tastiness up a notch.

The Arizona bursts like a piñata in your mouth! Instead of candy, you get an explosion of green chile nacho cheese and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to go along with another delectable bacon-wrapped frank. If you like green chile, it would be inconsiderate not to order the Arizona. So don’t do that, okay? You deserve good things in your life—hell, you deserve MOUTHWATERING good things in your life, and Nana’s Sonoran Hotdogs will have you driving to the center of Flavortown (thanks, Guy).

I won’t even try to front, Nana’s was significantly cheaper than Dawgz N Leenks. Each dog cost $6 and $8, respectively. But I think it’s safe to say that we all have fond memories of spending a little more money than we wanted to in the name of summer fun, right? Right. And if you don’t think you have those kinds of memories, then now sounds like a fine time to make them with Dawgz N Leenks and Nana’s Sonoran Hotdogs.


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