Spicing Up Weeknights with Wings on Wheels

Food Reviews

Food trucks are one of my favorite ways to enjoy the local food scene; I love the variety of options and the built-in picnic feel of grabbing a meal from a mobile vender. Wings on Wheels is a local truck that offers a small and delicious menu at parks and events across the Salt Lake Valley. I caught up with them at the SOHO Food Park, a convenient place to try several food trucks in one trip.

On a hot day, wings may not seem like the wisest decision, but when you’re already sweating, why not crank up the heat with something spicy? I arrived in the early evening and was quickly charmed by the skateboarding chicken on the Wings and Wheels food truck. The limited menu made ordering easy and ensured that everything was tasty and fresh. It took about fifteen minutes to get our food after ordering, and every item was hot and crispy.

After picking up our food, we settled in a shady corner and got things started with an order of the Veggie Loaded Fries ($9.99). I opened the box and was immediately hit with an herbaceous and spicy scent. The takeout container was stacked high with a hulking pile of golden fries that peaked out from under green sauce, banana peppers, mixed greens, black beans and chickpeas.


 Wings on Wheels will be serving up Garlic Parmesan Wings (pictured) and more at SLUG Picnic Sept. 25 at the SLUG HQ.
Photo: Joshua Joye

“On a hot day, wings may not seem like the wisest decision, but when you’re already sweating, why not crank up the heat with something spicy?”

After taking in the sights and smells of the box, I put together my first bite. I worked to get some of everything on my fork and was pleased by the combination of flavors and textures. I crunched my way through a crispy bite and took time to savor the contrast that the creamy, mild chickpeas and black beans brought to the spicy bite. If anything was missing it was just a touch of fat—cheese or dressing to add a little more balance to the heat.

Now it was time for the meat of the matter, the wings themselves. At $10.99 for an eight piece order, the wings are a good deal and come in a variety of flavors. I decided to start with a classic, Buffalo Wings at a medium heat. I opened the box to find that my hands almost immediately took on the required mess that eating any wings entails. The red sauce coated the chicken and my hands with sticky, spicy goodness. I bit into my first wing and found that the saucy exterior covered crispy skin and tender meat. A smoky flavor filled my mouth and I tasted the tart and slightly thin ranch that was served on the side. We made quick work of these spicy snacks and moved on to the second flavor.


“The wings are a good deal and come in a variety of flavors.”

Garlic Parmesan Wings at a mild heat were sitting in a tempting puddle of garlicky butter. Despite the saucy look, the wings were crisp in my mouth and the buttery cheesy flavor brought me to pizza night in the best possible way. These wings are addictive and snacky, and though eight is certainly enough for two, it is tempting to not share them anyway.

If you want tasty wings with excellent flavor combinations, you should take the time to track down the Wings on Wheels truck and try them out. Bring a crowd and try every flavor so you don’t miss out on the indulgent experience. Full disclosure—you will get messy, but after licking your fingers and using a wet wipe, you’ll be clean again and ready to head back for seconds. Check them out on instagram @wingsonwheels.wow or on facebook at facebook.com/wingssonwheels for their weekly schedule and a closer look at what they have to offer.